exposing the dark side of adoption
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Connecting Hearts, Inc

2007 Apr 2


Person Relation type Date from Date to
Jaclyn Thornock Gadd Director
Pat Boyer Director
Dellory Matthews Employed by
Yuri Safonov Facilitator for
Danalee (Knouse) Thornock Incorporator of 2007 Apr 02
William Hammond President
Carol Petersen Secretary
Karla Toomer Vice President

Relations to other organizations

Organization Relation Type Organization Country Date from Date to
Connecting Hearts, Inc Cooperates with Focus on Children, Wyoming branch
We provide expert and detailed assistance  throughout every step of your adoption process.     
     Our skilled  counselors  work with families in any state, married or single. We have no agency restrictions regarding family size or your religion.
     Our many years of experience enable us to guide you through the maze of steps needed to accomplish your adoption.
     Initial fees are only $250, and other fees are paid commensurate with the services we provide. 

Your patient efforts will be rewarded and your dreams realized. 
Since 1994, we have placed hundreds of children
with loving and caring adoptive families.


P.O. Box 323