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Door of Hope



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Cheryl Allen, Pastor Founder of

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Door of Hope Cooperates with SA Cares for Life
Door of Hope Facilitates ABBA adoptions

Thank you for inquiring about adoption. We are grateful for every person, couple and family who is willing and able to open their heart and home to babies who have been left abandoned or orphaned.

First of all I have to make it quite clear, we ourselves are not an adoption agency, but a ministry working in conjunction with a recognized social worker and adoption agency. We only take in babies up to two years of age, and all of them are beautiful and loveable black or mixed race babies.

We now work with the association called SA CARES for Life / Abba House. They are a Christian adoption agency based in Pretoria. They work under the Welfare Council of the Apostolic Faith Mission. Every family is required to be a born again Christian. SA CARES for Life completes thorough screening on all families and agencies that they work with. No matter where you are located be it nationally or internationally, you need to contact them. They will forward you to the correct agency in your country or will screen you if you are a national. The email address is abbaadoptions@abbaadoptions.co.za. and their telephone number is  (012) 434 7719 . This should be your initial contact with them.

There are babies coming in constantly and more are expected especially when the Aids pandemic hits our country full force, leaving behind countless abandoned and orphaned babies and children. Also there are many other places that we are networking with and are looking for adoptive homes for babies.

As you probably already know adoption is a lengthy and very costly process. Find out about costs first, before you start working on the adoption procedure

In a nutshell, you must have patience and perseverance and be totally sure that this is what God wants you to do. May He guide and help you every step of the way.

THANK YOU again for your interest. I hope this letter is of some help to you. Please note if you are enquiring internationally see the link above for the document from Abba House.
May God bless you richly and keep you in His loving care always.


15 Barbara Road
Glenvista, 2091