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Casa Limiar Sao Paolo


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Limiar Founded Casa Limiar Sao Paolo 2003 Jan 01

Casa Limiar Sao Paulo



In September 2003, the first child entered CASA LIMIAR, a home for 15 abandoned and/or disabled children in Sao Paulo city.  That date marked the culmination of a dream that began 21 months earlier: to create a home for the most forgotten child and to nurture and nourish until he has reached his physical potential, seeing that a future with promise lies ahead.

The home is located in the southern part of the city.  It contains 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, living room, dining room, and more plus a beautiful yard with fruit trees, singing birds and even an occassional small monkey!  Our vision had been to rent a house, but  because of the generosity of many, we were able to puchase this building and property!  The last several months have been spent in modifications to the building - widening doorways and walkways, lowering sinks, mounting handrails and window protection, and building ramps at entrances.

The children who now have come to CASA LIMIAR have many needs and concerns: Rombergs Syndrome,  Muscular Dystrophy, epilepsy, hearing loss, congenital birth defects such as club feet or open palate.  Each child sees various medical specialists, some need surgery, some need therapies, some need special classes at school...but each needs a chance to be a child.  What we do for our children, we will do for these children.  There will be birthday parties, outings to the zoo and beach, summer camps, Sunday School attendance, school uniforms and supplies, good manners taught and encouragement given. The objective is to put them on the parth to good health, education and independence  with the knowledge that God loves them and that God's people care for them.
Another need of these wonderful children is to have a sponsor. 

To Sponsor a Child Is To:

-Give dignity to a child whose self-esteem is low
-See many smiles on a once saddened face
-Clothe him warmly in cold
-Feed him with nourishing food
-Include special outings to parks and playgrounds
-Buy his needed medication
-Provide special therapy
-Give him shelter
-Provide a school uniform and materials
-Delight him at holiday time with a gift
-Attend to his special medical or psychological needs
-Open a door to his future by providing for him now.

Can you be part of the dreams and work of CASA LIMIAR?
Your gift of $30/month is a tax-exempt donation supporting one child.  You will receive a photograph and news of "your" child. 
Along with your financial gift, LIMIAR asks you to pray for the future of the child with thanksgiving that all of us are given the blessing and opportunity to help.

To sponsor a child, contact us at limiar@limiar.org or 210-479-0300.

"If we cannot create a world where children no longer suffer, let us at least reduce the number of suffering children."    Albert Camus


Sao Paolo