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Tomorrow Plan Fund


Relations to other organizations

Organization Relation Type Organization Country Date from Date to
America World Adoption Association Participates in Tomorrow Plan Fund
China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) Sponsor of Tomorrow Plan Fund

Tomorrow Plan Fund

Tomorrow Plan is a program sponsored by the China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) to help orphans with special needs in China. America World actively supports this program and encourages families to participate. Donations to the Tomorrow Plan Fund are tax deductible and administered by America World.


As you know, those handicapped children living in welfare institutions belong to the most disadvantaged group in society as they not only have lost their parents and family, but also are tortured by ailments and deformity. Although they are taken good care of, they are still challenged by far more difficulties that have greatly affected their physical and mental development than the other children in families. In order to help the handicapped orphans enhance their ability to improve themselves and to stand on their own, which can consequently make them live the same life as the normal children, and furthermore, realize their desire of returning to family and society, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has from this year resolved on launching the Tomorrow Plan for Rehabilitation of Handicapped Orphans through Operations (shortened as Tomorrow Plan) to strive for the possibility of providing 30,000 handicapped orphans living in welfare institutions with rehabilitation operations within three years. Meanwhile, the ministry hopes that the children's welfare cause in China can be further developed through this campaign by establishing a long-lasting working mechanism to deal with the issues of rehabilitation operations for handicapped orphans in China.

Involving a large number of children and covering a broad area, Tomorrow Plan requires support and help from all circles of life in society. Approximately 600 million RMB is needed to accomplish operations for 30,000 handicapped orphans. In addition to the governmental investment, funds have to be extensively raised by mobilizing the public to contribute donations to ensure a successful implementation of this plan which benefits the handicapped orphans. On May 28th, the Ministry of Civil Affairs held a meeting among the departments, where the departments as well as individuals actively donated money to the Tomorrow Plan, amounting to almost one million RMB. And in other provinces, the donating activities for the Tomorrow Plan are also actively participated by the civil affairs departments and individuals.

As stipulated in the Rules on Accepting and Regulating Donations for the Tomorrow Plan, the application of donations should be in full agreement with donors' wishes. The donations can be entrusted to the Tomorrow Plan office for the allocation and distribution in uniformity, or a donor can propose his specific intention which the Tomorrow Plan office can help to put into reality. Besides, donations can be applied to one single welfare institution, one handicapped orphan or one type of deformity, as well.

Information about the handicapped orphans who need operations and the expected expenses will be released on the internet by the China Center of Adoption Affairs in succession. The organizations and families with intention to make donations can have access to the information in the website of the China Center of Adoption Affairs named Tomorrow Plan or make a phone call for consultation.

Adoption organizations and families who offer donations to the Tomorrow Plan will receive a donation certificate made in uniformity by the Tomorrow Plan office of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Meanwhile, as a form of encouragement and praise, donors' names and the amount of donations will be publicized on the website by the China Center of Adoption Affairs.

Over many years, Chinese handicapped orphans have received profound love from every adoption organization and adoptive family. Some of them have found their families and affectionate parents through your efforts; some of them have got their deformities corrected and rehabilitated with your sponsorship and once again returned to family. Therefore, the China Center of Adoption Affairs would like to express profound respects and sincere appreciation to all the organizations and families who have rendered support and help to Chinese handicapped orphans, and hope that you would, as always, keep on giving your support and help to the welfare cause for Chinese children.

Tomorrow Plan is a project arduous in task and highly consuming in finance; however, its lofty objective bears far-reaching significance. Let us work together hand in hand to make efforts for the bright future of the handicapped orphans.

Yours sincerely,

Tie Ling Liu Kangsheng
China Center of Adoption Affairs.