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MIR Children's Foundation, Inc.



Person Relation type Date from Date to
David Sisler Founder of

Relations to other organizations

Organization Relation Type Organization Country Date from Date to
MIR Children's Foundation, Inc. Cooperates with Adoptions International Dallas Texas
Regions of Ministry   Type of Ministry (with number of children served per month)
Oryol Region - Oryol
Samara Region - Samara
Sverdlovsk Region - Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Tagil
Volgograd Region - Volgograd
  Adoption Assistance
Disabled Orphans
Humanitarian Aid
Orphanage Sponsorship


Mission Statement

To provide developmental supplies to orphanages in Russia and Moldova; share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through example, teaching and preaching; and support the established local churches in Russia and Moldova, lifting up their ministries.



Overview of Ministry Activity

MIR Children's Foundation began in 1993. From the beginning, MIR has been about sharing. The first gift of medical supplies was donated to the orphanages in Samara in October 1993. Fourteen cases of new toys were donated to the children in 1994. Outreach trips took American teens to share with Russian teens in 1994, 1995, and 1997. In January 1999, sixty-five cases of toys were distributed to almost 700 young people as part of their Christmas celebration. In September 1999, children's vitamins, dental and medical supplies were delivered to the orphans in six cities (Samara, Otradney, Ekaterinburg, Nizhni Taigil, Malaya Vishera, and Valdye). In March 2000 – our initial visit to Moldova – we delivered 1,000,000 vitamins and 175 cases of toys.

Our partnering organization in Kishinev is Emanuel Christian Medical Association. In March 1999, the Office of Special Advisor to the President on Assistance to the Newly Independent States approved MIR Children’s Foundation, Inc. as a member of Operation Provide Hope — a humanitarian transport program funded by the Department of State.



Plans and Goals

Leaders in the Department of Education in Samara, Russia, have asked for help to produce and sponsor writing competitions and other exchanges of ideas between children. They also want to produce seminars, courses for specialists to help prevent abuse and violence against women and children.

The Foster Care Department in Samara is the first in the nation, and their leaders are friends of our ministry, and need more help and support. Also, they need training so they can teach kids with mental and physical handicaps to adapt to adult life. There is the need to instruct for social and medical rehabilitation, personality development and to integrate orphans back into society when they leave at age 16 or 18, depending on their education pursuits. The staffs of the orphanages need psychological training because the kids’ needs are so great. They have invited us to participate in a meeting of all regional orphanage leaders, if we can produce seminars that will help their work. Social workers are vital for the orphanages to help develop a more effective approach as children look to the future, career planning, interpersonal relationships, etc.


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