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Loving Adoptions Worldwide (LAW)

2003 Dec 1
2004 Jun 1


Person Relation type Date from Date to
Mai Ly LaTrace Board member 2004 Jan 08
Patrick R Smith Board member 2004 Jan 08
Richard B (Ric) Feinberg Board member 2004 Jan 08
Richard B (Ric) Feinberg Founder of
Richard B (Ric) Feinberg Owner

Relations to other organizations

Organization Relation Type Organization Country Date from Date to
Project Faith Facilitates Loving Adoptions Worldwide (LAW)
In a Tampa Tribune article on August 21, 2005 titled “In Shadow of Adoption,” Julie Pace writes that

Feinberg started working with Latrace about two years ago, first with Loving Adoptions Worldwide, an international adoption law firm. Latrace was listed as a director on the business's January 2004 incorporation papers.

Feinberg dissolved Loving Adoptions in June that year when he incorporated Little Pearls. He hired Latrace as an international adoption consultant to work on program development.

There were 2 corporations:
Loving Adoptions Worldwide, Inc and
Loving Adoptions Worldwide I, Inc
formed and dissolved around the same time