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Uniting Families Foundation

1992 Jan 1


Person Relation type Date from Date to
Lynn Wetterberg CEO
Lynn Wetterberg President

Relations to other organizations

Organization Relation Type Organization Country Date from Date to
Romanian Adoption Committee Accredited Uniting Families Foundation
Council on Accreditation Accredited Uniting Families Foundation
Copiii Fericiti (Happy Children) Facilitates Uniting Families Foundation
Illinois DCFS Licensed Uniting Families Foundation
Uniting Families Foundation Member of Joint Council on International Children's Services 2008 Feb 01
Uniting Families Foundation Participates in The CoMission for Children at Risk
Uniting Families Foundation is a small adoption agency in Illinois that works mainly in Eastern Europe.

Guidestar reports from Tax returns
Founded in 1992, UFF is dedicated to providing services to children in need of adoptive homes. The Agency is also committed to providing education and support before, during and after the adoption process to the families who seek to provide the children with a loving, stable, nurturing home. UFF's on-going desire is to provide food, medical supplies and clothing to the children residing in foreign orphanages and needy families.

UFF's programs include international adoption programs in Russia, Romania, and China, pre-adoptive educational training approved by the child welfare institute of Illinois, Home Studies for northern Illinois residents,on-going collection of medical supplies, clothing and monetary donations exclusively for the support of foster care programs and the purchase of medicine, medical treatment, infant formula, cereals, and juice for needy families, area hospitals and orphaned children.

Additional Comments from the Organization
UFF is a member of Joint Council on International Children's Services, registered with the Department of Professional Regulation and licensed through the Department of Children and Family Services of Illinois.

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Accomplishments for Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2003
15 children were placed into US homes. Five of the children were older children. UFF assisted in the placement of one child with physical handicaps.
$23,059.32 was sent to Russia and Romania for the support of foster care programs and the purchase of infant formula food, and medical supplies.
Objectives for Fiscal Year Beginning January 1, 2004
UFF will continue to make the adoption of special needs and older children a priority of the organization.
UFF will work to develop a food program for the provision of infant formula for the orphanages in Moldova.
Self Assessment
UFF evaluates its effectiveness through service evaluations from families and other agencies, and training and conference attendees


95 W. Grand Avenue
Suite 206
Lake Villa