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Adoption Agencies who possibly placed from the Nam Dinh orphanages


Opinion on Agencies involved

US adoption agencies registered in Nam Dinh during this period were 2007 and 2008: Faith International, Los Ninos and Orphans Overseas,  in 2008 only Crossroads, and Little Pearls, however it is not clear how many children they placed from Nam Dinh or the 3 orphanages. Little Pearls was promising children from Nam Dinh.




Truc Ninh is mentioned and pictured by Faith International bloggers as Nam Dinh Orphanage

Y Yen Orphanage seems to have placed children to non-US families (Italy and France). Mentioned  as sponsors are "Destimes, World Doctors’ Organisation and Italy’s Moniri"  Probably Destinees and Medicins Du Monde of France, and Famiglia & Minori in italy. (All 3 of these agencies operate in Vietnam)