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Therapy and issues found in Adoptionland


On PPL, much time and attention has been given to various types of therapy used on an adoptee.  In many cases, the types used turned out to be rather "specialized" and abusive. 

I think an open discussion about types of therapy out-there would be really good for our readers who are APs or adult adoptees still struggling with the carnage that was one's childhood. 

People are recommending doctors and therapists all the time.... but I have found, based on my own experience/adoption issues, often times, what works for a non-adoptee may not work for an adoptee, and what people THINK will work on an adoptee, often doesn't.  [Holding Therapy, anyone?]

With that... I'd like to ask:   What type of therapy is being promoted these days among APs and adult adoptees?

Has anyone used a specific type of therapy that made a real positive difference?  

What makes a good adoption therapist? 

by Kerry on Monday, 01 July 2013