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adoption issues



Title Publication date
Not Feeling “American Enough”: The Mental Impact of Cross-Cultural Adoption 2023 May 15
Closed Mouth Syndrome 2015 Sep 11
The lost children of the Holocaust 2015 May 4
Why a Generation of Adoptees Is Returning to South Korea 2015 Jan 14
Adoption disruptions a secretive, misunderstood trend 2014 Sep 9
Failed adoptions traumatic 2014 Sep 7
The Adoption-Industrial Complex 2013 Nov 4
Some Parents of Adopted Children Turn to Online Networks, Triggering Problems 2013 Sep 11
Magazine for adult adoptees launches in Minn. 2013 Aug 5
Williamsburg displaying adoption fabrics from London 2013 May 25
The Evangelical Christian adoption movement: The orphan crisis that wasn't 2013 May 1
The Dark, Sad Side of Domestic Adoption 2013 Apr 30
Fatigue, Unmet Expectations Tied to Post-Adoption Blues 2013 Apr 7
Adoptive parents in child trafficking case remanded 2013 Feb 24
Hope for couples who bought children from trafficking ring 2013 Jan 28
Adoption USA 2013 Jan 28
Depression besets adoptive mother soon after baby’s arrival 2013 Jan 8
Children's identities were erased 2012 Dec 20
Dark side of inter-racial adoption surfaces with arrivals of grown-up adoptees 2012 Oct 10
Adoption Subsidies: A Great Investment for Kids Who Need Families 2012 Sep 25
Changed landscape of overseas adoptions 2012 Sep 11
It takes more than love: What happens when adoption fails 2012 Aug 1
Adoption and Parenticide: Seeking Truth and Justice 2012 Jul 24
African Organization Wants Adoptions Of Native Children Scaled Back 2012 Jun 3
Adoptees Who Reunite With Lost Parent Risk Genetic Sexual Attraction 2012 May 21
Joyce Maynard Announces Failure of Her Adoptive Family 2012 Apr 4
Passport won’t bear adopted parent’s name, if adoption not legal: HC 2012 Apr 2
Expectations, exhaustion can lead mothers to post-adoption stress 2012 Mar 23
Cumulative Cognitive Deficit in international adoptees: its origin, indicators, and means of remediation 2012 Mar 20
China to ban names that signal 'orphan' status 2012 Feb 11
State notes alarming spike in starvation of adopted children 2012 Jan 18
Adopt for right the reasons, not overpopulation fix 2012 Jan 17
Twice-abandoned triplets know Russian boy's pain 2011 Dec 4
Can Adoption Lead to Child Abuse? 2011 Nov 9
For Adoptive Parents, Questions Without Answers 2011 Sep 16
The Adoption Taboo: Is There Temptation For Fathers Of Interracial Daughters? 2011 Aug 16
Raped Russian orphan to be isolated at children's rancho in USA 2011 Jun 20
Foster youth's stolen IDs getting more attention 2011 Apr 30
CICIG Requests Public Explanation From Senator Landrieu Regarding Illegal Adoption Comments in Guatemala 2011 Apr 20
Rights of children key issue in applying best practice to inter-country adoption 2011 Apr 18
Abducted Versus Adopted: For 1.5 Million of U.S. Adoptees, What's the Difference? 2011 Feb 9
Parents using Facebook to find adopted children 2011 Jan 11
This rush to downplay race ignores the truth of inter-racial adoption 2010 Nov 2
Pain of adoption still raw, for mothers and children 2010 Oct 18
The Sperm-Donor Kids Are Not Really All Right 2010 Jun 14
Bullock's adoption of black baby stirs debate 2010 May 4
A simple answer to Quebec's simple adoption question 2009 Oct 13
A family of 10, surviving on faith 2009 Sep 20
Another country, not my own 2009 Aug 23
A happy guinea pig for open adoption 2009 Aug 8
War baby granted German identity 2009 Aug 6
Man believes he’s tot taken from family in 1955 2009 Jun 18
Manitoba may open adoption records as far back as 1925 2009 Jun 14
These boys deserve so much more than I can give them 2009 Jun 9
Real life: What makes a good adoptive parent? 2009 Jun 8
Raising Katie 2009 Apr 23
Parents' sexuality influences adoption choices 2009 Apr 2
Black Babies: Hollywood's Hottest Accessory? 2009 Mar 31
Is foreign adoption the best option? 2009 Mar 27
All-around support: Group encourages people touched by adoption 2009 Mar 4
Families Search for Truth of Spain’s ‘Lost Children’ 2009 Feb 28
Genes, Schemes and International Adoption 2008 Dec 17
Adoption Issues in the US 2008 Dec 5
Utah couple won't give up proof of kids' identities 2008 Nov 10
Denial About Adoption is Pathological 2008 Sep 24
'Giving up a child for adoption has a lifetime impact' 2008 Sep 16
Two brothers, raised apart, are united 2008 Aug 30
Issues in the Transition to Adulthood from Substitute Care 2008 Aug 1
Avoidable mortality among child welfare recipients and intercountry adoptees: a national cohort study 2008 May 8
Suicide Attempts More Common Among Adopted Teens 2008 May 8
The Making of Me 2007 Jul 6
Impact of Adoption on Adopted Persons 2007 Jun 7
Adoption: It's not what it used to be 2007 May 7
Adaptations made though Adoption 2006 Dec 8
Germany's war children scramble to find their GI fathers 2006 Mar 26
Forgotten orphans of Smyllum laid to rest by nuns in umarked graves 2003 Sep 14
Forgotten orphans of Smyllum laid to rest by nuns in umarked graves 2003 Sep 14
Known Consequences of Separating Mother and Child at Birth 1996 Aug 22
Question Of Identity -- American Adoptees Born In Korea Search For Their Cultural Roots In Second Homeland 1992 Mar 12
Lifelong Issues in Adoption
Black-listed, but still needing love
What is the Primal Wound?
Split the baby: Two sides of an adoption battle
Sometimes a Fatal Quest... Losses in Adoption
Orphan Wants Adoptive Parents Jailed
Holt's Latest Slip of the Tongue?
Adopted teens may be more prone to suicide
Parallel Dialogues- Based On Two Separate Life Stories
Struggle for Identity: Issues Underlying the Enactment of the 1926 Adoption of Children Act