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Advertising in Adoptionland, via the Internet


I am a sucker when it comes to anything adoption-related.

I will read just about anything I can get on my computer screen, which means, if adoption is mentioned on the Internet, I'm going to take a look, because I want to see what's being sold to the public.

Today's complaint, (I have many.... as people can see in my blog-collection), has to do with the Internet, infant adoption, and those who wish to earn a little money through family-planning and parenting purchases.

I found a blog...about babies and adoption. The blog piece mentions adoptive parents, domestic adoption, international adoption....oh, and shopping for baby products.   The highly-informed piece reads as follows [I removed hyper-links, because I have no idea who the seller is... but I think the admin link is a GEM, which you can find at GMJ sales dot com, or net....whichever!]:


Babies For Adoption – Helpful Tips When Adopting a Baby

Adoptive parents will typically turn to legal adoption agencies to find babies for adoption. The resposibility of the adoption agency is to place children in a loving family that can provide them with the emotional and physical support that is needed. Often times, the adoption process can be confusing, tiring and frustrating.

Typically, the birth mothers will voluntarily give up their babies for adoption to an adoption agency. Their biological mothers usually do this for a number of reasons, which includes lack of finances to support the baby, teenage births where the teen mother can not put up with the pressures of raising the child. Furthermore, the mother may give up the baby if she has a terminal or chronic illness that will prevent her from raising the child. Other mothers simply do not want the child and thus decide to give the babies up for adoption.

Babies available for adoption are in either confidential adoption or open adoption. If the adoption process is a confidential adoption, then this means that the adoptive parents and the biolgical parents will not know anything about each other. Now, they will sure give detailed information to the agency, but the agnecy can not give any of this information to the other parties. However, for purposes of the child’s development, information such as the medical history of the biological parents is provided to the adoptive parents. In the confidential adoption, the adoption agency guarantees each adoption party the privacy needed to lead lives independent of the other party’s interference.

Babies for adoption provided through the open adoption category have both the adoptive and biological parents knowing each otherNow, when it comes to babies for adoption with the open adoption process, then this is when both sets of parents will get to know each other . But, this does not mean that the parents will be talking to each other on a daily basis. Rather, it means that the parents could agree to contact each other some years in future. The terms of open adoptions are clearly stated in the adoption agreements and are therefore lawfully binding. The open adoptions are good for the child who may later on in life want to contact some of these people in his or her life.

When looking for babies for adoption, it is important that an adoptive family choose an agency, which is duly registered, and which operates with set adoption laws . You should unquestionably do your homework and check out the agency quite thoroughly . Other things to confirm with the agencies before starting the official process of adopting a baby with them is whether they handle the type of adoptions that fits them best . This includes a domestic adoption, international adoptions, open adoptions or confidential adoptions.

Anyone see anything wrong with this type of story-promotion and marketing plan?  Anyone see why, maybe, it's really in poor taste to use adoption as a way to push products/services on people perusing the Internet?  I thought Adoption.con was bad, with all it's lawyer/adoption agency ads on all sides of the margins, but this blogging/Facebook/Twitter stuff really seems to be taking poor product placement/service-selling to a whole new depth, scope and disgusting level!

Is it any wonder people keep getting suckered into all sorts of adoption scams?

Here's the scary part:  the hyperlinks go directly (and indirectly) to adoption-related websites, where you can find a baby to adopt.

The admin. blogger may only want to earn a dollar or two through advertising.  The admin blogger, who closed all comments,  could easily not care any less about the people looking to do the right thing, for the child that has be spared an abortion plan.

When reading about adoption plans, please remember there are people looking to make some money from those who are lost, confused, overwhelmed, and in need of some good solid direction and advice.

Buyers, please be careful... many sellers do NOT care, and they are not interested in angry user-comments... often they too, are just average working-stiffs looking to supplement an income, while at home, looking for a job, or taking care of the kids. 

by Kerry on Friday, 08 April 2011