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Mother's day again


So today was Mother's day once more. It's not my favorite day, I must say. I hate the pressure to show-up and pretend.

This year my A-parents are abroad on one of their many trips, so there is no obligation this year around. Still I do get a knot in my stomach on days like these.

On days like these, I wonder how the mother I was born to is doing. Does Mother's day remind her of giving me away?

I hate thinking about crap like that.

My A-parents never understood that I had two mother's, one who wasn't there, and another that wasn't there all that much, but enough to make my life miserable. It's not with much honor I think of either, to be honest.

I'll be glad this day is almost over. Even though this year, I didn't have to put on the performance of the good "son", the very reminder is enough to ruin the day.


by Simon on Sunday, 09 May 2010