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For the attention of: - Roger Thompson, Chairperson of Doncaster Safeguarding Board.

Doncaster Safeguarding Children Board (DSCB)

PO Box 251

The Council House

College Road



Dear Mr Thompson,

I am writing to you with concern about today’s news that Doncaster Safeguarding Board will not be disclosing the contents of an inquiry into the death of Vulnerable Children for Public scrutiny.

Several Children have died in the area, which is obviously due to Social Services failings.

I feel that it is in the General Publics best interest to find out why and how the former was allowed to happen and to see if the recommendation from Lord Lamings inquiry has been disregarded in this case.

Such details could be made public, ensuring that the confidentiality of the Children is kept secure.

What have the Local Authority got to hide in this case?

There must be gross malpractice, with regards to various members of staff, thus the secrecy, and silence, of your Department.

I will be writing to my Local MP and Ed Balls, the Secretary of State for Children Schools, and Families to highlight our concerns.

Your Department has a duty, under the clause of Corporate Parent, to promote good practice, which in this case, has not happened, the only consolation out of this tragedy is that Ofsted are happy with the LA performance, at present, very little Justice for the children that have died, and are now statistics of Local Authority tragedies.

Yours Sincerely,

Alison Stevens

Chairperson Parents Against Injustice.

by Alison Stevens on Wednesday, 30 December 2009