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Alison Stevens' blog

by Alison Stevens on Wednesday, 30 December 2009

For the attention of: - Roger Thompson, Chairperson of Doncaster Safeguarding Board.

Doncaster Safeguarding Children Board (DSCB)

PO Box 251

The Council House

College Road

by Alison Stevens on Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I am not surprised by the above headline.

Some Private fostering agencies pay up to £800 a week for each child fostered.

An Adoption Agency called Coram,is working with Local Authority's in the London area, to recruit prospective adopters to come forward to foster babies in the early stages of Care Proceedings,and planning for placement is taking place before the child is even born, costing millions of the taxpayers money, instead of using the kincare clause highlighted in the Public Law Guidelines, by allowing the child to reside with immediate family members like Grandparents.


by Alison Stevens on Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Coram a childrens charity are calling for prospective adopters too foster babies during care proceedings.

Placements could be planned before a baby is even born, the agency state that the former could occur within hours of birth.

The thought of this happening is horrendous, Babies being taken from hospitals, on emergency protection orders from mothers within hours of birth, into the arms of future adopters, Social Workers are instigating care proceedings on limited evidence and conflicting medical reports already, via the secret family courts.

The big concern, is that a child's future will be decided long before birth and any family court hearing, due too the likes of branding parents with personality disorders by psychologists and Guardians, who pander too the wishes of the Local Authority, by submitting misleading documentation, in other words a pack of lies.

Jeanne Karnuk, the head of Corams adoption team applauds London Local Authority's, who participate in such a scandal and urges other Local Authority’s to use Corams child stealing tactics.


by Alison Stevens on Saturday, 20 June 2009

CAFCASS, the independent body that employs Guardians to assess Parents and  children and then issues a report, to the Family Court arena,are failing by as much as 75%, within several parts of the UK.

Due to increase of Care Proceedings, since the horrendous death of Baby Peter, within Haringey, Social Services are taking Babies, on Emergency Protection Orders, from Hospitals, within hours of birth, in many Cases, the Local Authority have very little evidence to support such drastic action.

With the alarmingly increase in Care Proceedings, there is a backlog of cases, resulting in a roller coaster effect, requiring more Guardians, within the West Midlands, there is a waiting list for for the former,one of my clients is 65th, on the waiting list, which is not acceptable, when the Public Law Guidelines, state that these professionals should become involved within a week, of a case reaching the Family Court arena.

The above leaves Parents, with more heartache, with being apart from their beloved children, for a longer period.

The Family Courts within the UK, ARE IN UTTER MELTDOWN.