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Amrex aftermath?


In 2006 Amrex, an adoption facilitator firm from Alpharetta Georgia went bankrupt. With their dedicated adoption software they delivered matching services for several adoption agencies, mostly operating in Russia and Guatemala.

The Amrex story is far too complicated to rehash in one short post, with a trail of companies such as Genesis Adoptions, Intercountry Adoption Congress, Hague Software Inc., Trans Parent Systems Inc., International Advocates for children. All these companies were founded by censored and Sergey Zasyatkin.

Amrex faced FBI investigation in 2006 and is now defunct as are all the aforementioned companies. censored is still around and CEO of censored, which owns adoptachild.org. In the mean time she operates under the name of censored, trying to establish a name as Creator of VISUAL PHILOSOPHY.

While surfing for more on Amrex and all it's affiliated companies, I came across Dmitriy Zasyatkin, who runs the company Software for Adoption Management (SAM), among whose customers we can find Christian World Adoptions, one of Amrex's former customers. SAM is located in Woodstock Georgia, only a couple of miles away from Alpharetta. Is Sergey Zasyatkin back under a different name, or is this all just coincidental?


I received an email from Dmitriy Zasyatkin which can be found in the following comment.

by Niels on Sunday, 27 January 2008