exposing the dark side of adoption
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Love without adoption


I have a 16 year old Godson and he has lived with me and my 3 kids since his mum (my best and longest friend) hung herself on his 13th birthday. Ceejay has a dad who loves him to bits but sadly he fell apart after losing Ceejays mum and so as a temporary measure Ceejay came to live with us. That temporary measure turned out to be permanent. I have legal guardianship of him (needed if ever he needed medical attention and the likes) and he sees his dad whenever he wants (usually on a payday haha). They have a great relationship even though Ceejay chose to carry on living with me. We both know that for Ceejay, the distraction of having my 3 kids around him was ultimately the reason for him wanting to live with me.

I love Ceejay like one of my own, I would though be lying if I didn't say that it is probably because of the fact that I have had him in my life almost everyday from the time he was a day old. Would I of ever wanted to have adopt Ceejay, NO! there isn't a piece of paper been invented that would make me love him any more or make him any less part of my family. His mum was my best est ever friend and my kids Godmother, we have no blood connections at all but we always thought of each other as family. Ceejays dad is part of the family too, he just doesn't live with us but my family is Ceejays and Ceejays family is my family. OK so CeeJay was 13 when he came to live with me, but even if he had been a baby I still say adopting him and falsifying his birth details to wipe out who he was born to be would be wrong. If adoption gave us the ability to love more then yes, maybe it would be a reason for it. Why cant people love a child enough and unconditionally to give it the l security and the confidence to love and to know they are loved just for being themselves without the denial of a past and a certificate of ownership. Adoption doesn't make a child belong it takes away the possibility of ever belonging.

For Lynne- suspended in space

No word or note,
Or reasons why.
What hurt so much?
That you wanted to die

How did it feel?
As the cord pulled tight.
Did you feel at peace?
Or put up a fight.

Hung by the neck,
Suspended in space.
Grotesque swollen tongue,
A blue marbled face.

That’s what you left
For me to find
Embedded forever,
Scarring my mind.

How can I grieve?
When I look at you son,
Confused and hurt
By what you done.

He doesn’t asks why
Or stands and weep.
I doubt he’s aware,
That he cries in his sleep.

A glistening tear
Where a twinkle once shone,
Reflecting his pain
Now that you’ve gone.

by tina on Tuesday, 13 November 2007