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Marion_Cullen's blog

by Marion_Cullen on Monday, 09 January 2012

** This is a continuation of a response to Kerry's "Narcissistic behavior in the adoptee's relationships" post. **

She said:

I think the pattern to keeping and maintaining an unsatisfying relationship has more to do with guilt and the common pattern that exists in adoption itself, but I'd like feedback from others outside my immediate circle, as I know when it comes to myself, I can turn every bump in life into an adoption issue.

Relationships and Clichés

Part of my own warped approach to relationships does stem from being Queer, I know that. Since we're already not bound by traditional relationship norms, anyway -- it's illegal to try and be in most states :D -- we've come up with our own relationship standards, and thus our own ways of doing crappy/shitty relationships. Some are improvements over conventional opposite sex relationship misery. But most just really end up being crappy-shit alternatives to crappy shit!

by Marion_Cullen on Sunday, 09 May 2010

If anyone has ever forwarded homophobic rationalizations for disallowing same-sex couples to adopt, chances are they're based on the work of George Rekers. Same for reparative therapy, a.k.a. holding therapy for the queers.

And if George Rekers' dubious, agenda-driven scholarship on gay parenting was right, PPL would be packed to the gills with case archives of the few (by comparison) out gay parents permitted to adopt, despite being easy targets for discrimination and violence-fueled homophobia in this area.

Alas, that is not the case. And as it turns out, the evidence is stacking up pretty heavily that George Rekers himself is a closet-case.

An officer of the holding therapy outfit National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), and, with James Dobson, a founding member of the Family Research Council, George Rekers is one of these well-paid professional bigots who makes a living haranguing gays both in the public sphere and in the legal one. Until 2008, Florida was the only state in the US that bans gay adoptions, outright, of course using the now-standard "risky lifestyle" and what-about-the-children arguments. They had the expert testimony of George Rekers in Lofton vs Sec. of Florida DCF(1977) to thank.

A recent (Feb 2010) publication has him again making the specious pronouncement that children adopted by gays are gonna run out and commit suicide.