Founded: 1996-05-17
Terminated: 2006-01-03
Website: AMREX
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Aleksandr Zaharov ValerevichEmployed by
Chris NoyesEmployed by
Father John TownsendEmployed by
Father Viatcheslav DavidenkoEmployed by
Galina Konstantinovna BondarenkoEmployed by
Galina VentselEmployed by
Irina KohnEmployed by
Jeanne WhiteEmployed by
John McLemoreEmployed by
Kathy KrahlEmployed by
Kathy MillerDirector
Lilia PostolachiEmployed by
Magteld La BellaEmployed by
Maria PetrenkoEmployed by
Marina ZakharovaCEO1998-01-01
Marisa SalcinesEmployed by
Mark JohnsonEmployed by2001-06-012003-07-01
Oksana KrickhovaEmployed by
Sergey ZasyatkinOwner1998-01-012006-01-01
Tatyana PetrenkoEmployed by
Tatyana Vladimirovna DmitriyevaEmployed by
Tatyana ZosimovnaEmployed by
Theresa Dornbush Hoback Employed by
Tracy KelloggEmployed by
Valerian MeunargiyaEmployed by
Valiko MeunargiaFacilitator for
Veronika BarashEmployed by
Vladislav KostiuchenkoEmployed by
William P Walker Jr.Incorporator of
Yekaterina SushkoEmployed by
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Organizations this is organization is related to
Organization1sort iconAsOrganization2CountryFromTo
AMREXFacilitatesAdopt Abroad, Inc.
AMREXFacilitatesAmerican-International Children's Alliance
AMREXFacilitatesFamily for You
AMREXProvided grant toInternational Advocates for Children (IAC)
AMREXFacilitatesEuropean Adoption Consultants (EAC)
AMREXFacilitatesWORLDWIDE Adoption Services, Inc.
AMREXFacilitatesAdoption Alliance (CO)Russian Federation2006-09-20
AMREXFacilitatesGod's Families International Adoption Services
AMREXFacilitatesThe Family Network, Inc.
AMREXFacilitatesChildren of the World, Inc. (Missouri)
AMREXFacilitatesSEEK (Saving Eastern Europe's Kids) Inc.
AMREXFacilitatesAdoption Avenues Agency
AMREXFacilitatesA New Arrival
AMREXFacilitatesAdoption Covenant
AMREXFacilitatesLifeline of Hope International Orphan Aid and Adoption
AMREXFacilitatesAdoption Placement2006-01-01
AMREXFacilitatesAdoption Blessings Worldwide, Inc.
AMREXFacilitatesSpecial Children, Inc.
AMREXFacilitatesProfessional Adoption Center, Inc
AMREXFacilitatesInternational Children's Alliance
AMREXFacilitatesAdoption Access, Inc
AMREXFacilitatesCherished Children International
AMREXFacilitatesMississippi Children's Home
AMREXFacilitatesHomecoming Adoptions, Inc.
AMREXFacilitatesTedi Bear Adoptions, Inc.
AMREXParticipates inIntercountry Adoption Congress (IAC)
AMREXFacilitatesBeacon House Adoption Services Inc.
AMREXFacilitatesBuilding Blocks Adoption Services Inc.
AMREXFacilitatesChrysalis House, Inc.Guatemala2006-09-20
AMREXFacilitatesJourneys of the Heart Adoption Services - Home Office Oregon
AMREXFacilitatesFocus on Children Utah
AMREXFacilitatesGenesis Adoptions
AMREXFacilitatesRainbow House International
AMREXFacilitatesBethany Christian Services of Georgia
AMREXFacilitatesAAA Partners in Adoption, Inc.
AMREXSupplied loan forIntercountry Adoption Congress (IAC)
AMREXFacilitatesInternational Child's Care Organization e.V. (ICCO)
AMREXFacilitatesInternational Family Services (IFS)
AMREXFacilitatesAll Blessings International 2006-09-20
AMREXFacilitatesInternational Adoption Guides (IAG of SC)
AMREXFacilitatesInternational Adoption Resource (FL)
AMREXFacilitatesA Chosen Child
AMREXFacilitatesAdoption Miracle International, Inc.
AMREXFacilitatesChildren of the World, Inc. (Alabama)
AMREXFacilitatesChildren's House International
AMREXFacilitatesAdoption Light International
AMREXFacilitatesChristian World Adoption (CWA)
AMREXFacilitatesTree of Life
AMREXFacilitatesCarolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency
AMREXFacilitatesMary Kendall Adoption Program
AMREXFacilitatesChrysalis House, Inc.Ukraine2006-09-20
AMREXFacilitatesFlorida Home Studies & Adoption, Inc.
AMREXFacilitatesAdoption Services Worldwide, Inc
AMREXFacilitatesFamily Creations, Inc
News paper articles, official documents and reports filed about this organization
DocumentDatesort icon
AMREX annual registration2006-09-25
Amrex bankruptcy petition2006-09-20
Adoptionsverfahren dürfen zu Ende geführt werden2006-07-14
Adoption fraud2006-07-05
Illegaler Handel mit Babys2006-07-05
AMREX annual registration2006-05-22
Chrysalis House, Inc. - Guatemala program2006-05-07
Adoption services firm investigated over missing funds2006-03-10
Dennis Gornostaev2006-01-01
Court document2006-01-01
AMREX restated articles1998-05-28
AMREX filing1996-05-26
AMREX: Zakharova, Zasyatkin & Kellogg
AMREX founds International Adoption Congress
Filing Claims Against AMREX
Adoption Horror Stories Becoming More Frequent
Broken Hearts: Missing Adoption Money Part [3]
Broken Hearts: Missing Adoption Money Part [2]
Broken Hearts: Missing Adoption Money Part [1]
Abuse cases
Abuse cases of children while in placement and the role this organization played in their placement
Titlesort iconRole
Kelsey HyreFacilitator
Liam Thompson (Dmitry Sergeyvich Islankulov)Facilitator
Viktor Alexander Matthey (Viktor Sergievich Tulimov)Facilitator


3440 Preston Ridge Rd.
Alpheretta, Georgia, 30005
United States
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