Linda Zuflacht

Linda Zuflacht, founder and executive director of ASA, has practiced family law for over 25 years.

After several years of private practice, she founded Adoption Services Associates in 1984 and became a pioneer in open and semi-open private agency adoption.

Linda has delivered numerous lectures, served as an adoption panel expert, and appeared on national adoption-related TV shows.

Linda is a Texas licensed Child Placing Agency Administrator in the State of Texas and a founding member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. She has also been quite active in the community having served as Mayor, Alderwoman, Prosecuting Attorney and Municipal Judge of Shavano Park, Texas. Linda is the mother of three children.

There has been quite a few women that have been hurt by this woman.  Brynden Ayre was a father who has been denied his rights.

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Adoption Services AssociatesExecutive Director1984-01-01
American Academy of Adoption AttorneysMember1990-05-012013-01-01
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