Congressional Angel in Adoption Award

Founded: 1999-01-01
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Personsort iconPositionCountryFromTo
Adam PertmanRecipient of2002-09-24
Albert G. LirhusRecipient of2005-09-13
Alfred E. BarrusRecipient of2009-09-30
Alison FosterRecipient of2010-10-04
Allan A. HazlettRecipient of2003-09-30
Allonna StovallRecipient of2012-09-12
Allyson SchaafRecipient of2004-09-23
Amy M SilberbergRecipient of2002-09-24
Amy U. HickmanRecipient of2011-10-05
Andrea Faris RobertsRecipient of2010-10-04
Andrea TotaroRecipient of2005-09-13
Angel RutledgeRecipient of2012-09-12
Anna Belle IllienRecipient of2012-09-12
Audrey FosterRecipient of2003-09-30
Barbara BeaversRecipient of2002-09-24
Barbara C. JonesRecipient of2010-10-04
Barbara CaseyRecipient of2008-09-16
Belinda GeertsmaRecipient of2009-09-30
Bertha HoltRecipient of2000-09-27
Beverlee EinsigRecipient of2002-09-24
Beverly N. ClarkeRecipient of2012-09-12
Brenda BakerRecipient of2011-10-05
Brenda BarkerRecipient of2001-09-19
Brenda HennRecipient of2000-09-27
Brinton D. WrightRecipient of2007-10-04
Bryant Whitmire Jr.Recipient of2007-10-04
Carla DonohoRecipient of2012-09-12
Carol M. GapenRecipient of2007-10-04
Carolyn HammondRecipient of2010-10-04
Carolyn Mussio McKennaRecipient of2004-09-23
Cheryl BaumanRecipient of2002-09-24
Christine LetiziaRecipient of2011-10-05
Clifford L. GreenbergRecipient of2011-10-05
Colleen Marea QuinnRecipient of2008-09-16
Dale M. DoriusRecipient of2008-09-16
Dale R. JohnsonRecipient of2006-09-20
Damien StovallRecipient of2012-09-12
David Allen BarnetteRecipient of2007-10-04
David H. BaumRecipient of2004-09-23
David J. RadisRecipient of2005-09-13
David P. BroomeRecipient of2010-10-04
Dawn CoppockRecipient of2004-09-23
Dawn DegenhardtRecipient of2002-09-24
Debbie SchwartzRecipient of2010-10-04
Deborah Lynn VelieRecipient of2011-10-05
Dennis E. LindRecipient of2007-10-04
Diane MichelsenRecipient of2006-09-20
Donald B. ShererRecipient of2006-09-20
Donald C. CofskyRecipient of2005-09-13
Donald MarengereRecipient of2001-09-19
Douglas H. ReinigerRecipient of2007-10-04
Edith H. MorrisRecipient of2009-09-30
Elisa EshRecipient of2010-10-04
Ellen A. YarrellRecipient of2004-09-23
Ellen S. MeyerRecipient of2007-10-04
Elsa HomindaRecipient of2011-10-05
Eric StovallRecipient of2006-09-20
Faith AllenRecipient of2006-09-20
Frederick J. MagovernRecipient of2009-09-30
Frederick M. CorleyRecipient of2010-10-04
Eugene T. KelleyRecipient of2005-09-13
Golda ZimmermanRecipient of2004-09-23
Gordon SmithRecipient of1999-09-15
Gregory FoltzRecipient of2005-09-13
Hannah WallaceRecipient of2003-09-30
Hans van LoonRecipient of2001-09-19
Harlan TenenbaumRecipient of2001-09-19
Herbert A. BrailRecipient of2007-10-04
Herbert D. FriedmanRecipient of2008-09-16
Hon. David M. GoodingRecipient of2006-09-20
Hon. Michael J. HerrodRecipient of2001-09-19
Hyun Sook HanRecipient of2007-10-04
Irene SteffasRecipient of2007-10-04
Iris ArcherRecipient of2012-09-12
Jacquelyn BeboRecipient of1999-09-15
James B. OutmanRecipient of2003-09-30
James Fletcher ThompsonRecipient of1999-09-15
Jan WondraRecipient of2012-09-12
Jane Aronson, Dr. Recipient of2000-09-27
Janice Carter LessardRecipient of2010-10-04
Janice GoldwaterRecipient of2001-09-19
Janice NeilsonRecipient of2000-09-27
Janine FlemingMember2002-09-24
Jeanine CastagnaRecipient of2008-09-16
Jeanne TateRecipient of2006-09-20
Jeff SlackRecipient of2011-10-05
Jenny L. WomackRecipient of2009-09-30
Jerrold W. HesterRecipient of2002-09-24
Jerry SanduskyRecipient of2002-09-242011-11-10
Joan McLaughlinRecipient of1999-09-15
Joann E. KingRecipient of2002-09-24
Jodi Sue RutsteinRecipient of2009-09-30
John R. GreeneRecipient of2012-09-12
Joy GoldsteinRecipient of2012-09-12
Judith Sperling-NewtonRecipient of2004-09-23
Judy LuftRecipient of2005-09-13
Judy StiggerRecipient of2000-09-27
Karen GreenbergRecipient of2008-09-16
Karen R. LaneRecipient of2003-09-30
Kathleen Hogan MorrisonRecipient of2007-10-04
Kathleen KunkelRecipient of2004-09-23
Kay EkstromRecipient of2002-09-24
Kaye H. McLeodRecipient of2002-09-24
Keith WallaceRecipient of2005-09-13
Kerry Marks-HasenbalgRecipient of2008-10-04
Kevin BroderickRecipient of2007-10-04
Kim MatsunagaRecipient of2003-09-30
L. Dale DoveRecipient of2008-09-16
Larry S JenkinsRecipient of2005-09-13
Laura Beauvais-GodwinRecipient of2010-10-04
Laura BushRecipient of2005-09-13
Lauran F. HowardRecipient of2002-09-24
Laurie B. GoldheimRecipient of2007-10-04
Linda BrownleeRecipient of2005-09-13
Linda RobakRecipient of2005-09-13
Linda Sheppard, M.S.Recipient of2011-10-05
Lisa A OlneyRecipient of2000-09-27
Lisa GouldRecipient of2009-09-30
Lisa L CollinsRecipient of2012-09-12
Lori SurmayRecipient of2007-10-04
Lucy ArmisteadRecipient of2006-09-20
Lynn BodiRecipient of2011-10-05
Lynn SimmsRecipient of2006-09-20
Lynne JacobsRecipient of2010-10-04
Madaline NoleenRecipient of2012-09-12
Marc D. WidelockRecipient of2009-09-30
Margaret Cunnane HallRecipient of2006-09-20
Margret E. SwainRecipient of2008-09-16
Marjorie MargoliesRecipient of2012-09-12
Mark M. DemarayRecipient of2007-10-04
Mark T. McDermottRecipient of2003-09-30
Martin W. BauerRecipient of2007-10-04
Mary Ann PetrilloRecipient of2009-09-30
Mary BeckRecipient of2009-09-30
Mary BrownbackRecipient of2004-09-23
Matt ShafferRecipient of2010-10-04
Michael A. NomuraRecipient of2006-09-20
Michael P. BishopRecipient of2012-09-12
Michael R. VoorheesRecipient of2007-10-04
Michael S. GoldsteinRecipient of2006-09-20
Michael ShorsteinRecipient of2005-09-13
Michele JordanRecipient of2005-09-13
Michele L. JacksonRecipient of2012-09-12
Michele ZavosRecipient of2009-09-30
Mike YeksavichRecipient of2004-09-23
Monica Farris LinknerRecipient of2006-09-20
Nancy HodgesRecipient of2011-10-05
Nina KostinaRecipient of2002-09-24
Noel E. Vargas, Jr.Recipient of2007-10-04
Pat WheelerRecipient of2001-09-19
Patricia KeltieRecipient of2005-09-13
Paul MatteucciRecipient of2001-09-19
Peggy LoweRecipient of2006-09-20
Rachel FornesRecipient of2012-09-12
Raquel WoodardRecipient of2012-09-12
Raymond W GodwinRecipient of2010-10-04
Renee EggebraatenRecipient of2007-10-04
Renee Gill PrattRecipient of2005-09-13
Richard A. HorderRecipient of2006-09-20
Rita A. MeiserRecipient of2004-09-23
Robert D. TukeRecipient of2002-09-24
Robin MarreroRecipient of2012-09-12
Rodney M. PooleRecipient of2007-10-04
Rose McBrideRecipient of2009-09-30
Ruth F. ClaiborneRecipient of2004-09-23
Samual C. Totaro, Jr.Recipient of2005-09-13
Sanford KrigelRecipient of2004-09-23
Scott E. MyersRecipient of2006-09-20
Scott HasenbalgRecipient of2008-10-04
Seth A. GrobRecipient of2006-09-20
Sharon ButtolphRecipient of2005-09-13
Sheryl NaylorRecipient of2005-09-13
Stanton E. PhillipsRecipient of2006-09-20
Stephen W. HayesRecipient of2005-09-13
Steven B. SacharowRecipient of2005-09-13
Steven G. DubinRecipient of2007-10-04
Steven M. KirshRecipient of2005-09-13
Sue GainorRecipient of2012-09-12
Susan Garner EisenmanRecipient of2007-10-04
Susan H. RomerRecipient of2012-09-12
Susan L. StockhamRecipient of2004-09-23
Susan Soon-Keum CoxRecipient of2003-09-30
Suzanne StottRecipient of2002-09-24
Tami WessenRecipient of2007-10-04
Tara GuttermanRecipient of2008-09-16
Theresa K. ReevesRecipient of2011-10-05
Theresa L. RoetterRecipient of2012-09-12
Thomas TaneffRecipient of2005-09-13
Toby SolomonRecipient of2008-09-16
Todd KwapiszRecipient of2004-09-23
Tomilee HardingRecipient of2000-09-27
Tracy OkusRecipient of2005-09-13
Viacheslav Platonov (Slava Platonov)Recipient of2000-09-27
Vicki PetersonRecipient of2010-10-04
Wright S. WallingRecipient of2004-09-23
Yue Jian ChenRecipient of2005-09-13
Related organisations (from)
Organizations that are related to this organization
Organization_1sort iconAsOrganization_2CountryFromTo
Academy of California Adoption Lawyers (ACAL)Recipient ofCongressional Angel in Adoption Award2005-09-13
Bethany Christian Services (Fredericksburg, VA)Recipient ofCongressional Angel in Adoption Award2003-09-30
Bethany Christian Services of Hampton RoadsRecipient ofCongressional Angel in Adoption Award2008-09-16
Bethany Christian Services of Hampton RoadsRecipient ofCongressional Angel in Adoption Award2003-09-30
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI)OrganizesCongressional Angel in Adoption Award
Evan B. Donaldson Adoption InstituteSponsor ofCongressional Angel in Adoption Award
National Council for Adoption (NCFA)Sponsor ofCongressional Angel in Adoption Award
The Barker Foundation Recipient ofCongressional Angel in Adoption Award2005-09-13
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Angel in Adoption Awardees 1999 to 2008 listing2008-12-31
National Angels in Adoption 1999 to 20082008-12-31
2008 Angels in Adoption2008-09-16
2007 Angels in Adoption2007-09-01
2006 Angels in Adoption2006-09-01
2005 Angels in Adoption2005-09-13
2004 Angels in Adoption2004-09-24
2003 Angels in Adoption2003-09-30
2002 Angels in Adoption2002-09-24
2001 Angels in Adoption2001-09-01
2000 Angels in Adoption2000-09-27
1999 Angels in Adoption1999-11-18

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