Commonwealth Adoptions International Inc.

Organization type: Adoption Agency
Terminated: 2009-01-01
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Marina MayhewPresident
Violet PierceDirector
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Commonwealth Adoptions International Inc.Participates inPrecious in HIS Sight, LLC
Commonwealth Adoptions International Inc.Member ofNational Council for Adoption (NCFA)
Commonwealth Adoptions International Inc.Member ofJoint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)
Commonwealth Adoptions International Inc.Member ofNational Council for Adoption (NCFA)
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Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA)AccreditedCommonwealth Adoptions International Inc.
Commonwealth Adoptions International Inc. (Pennsylvania)Local office ofCommonwealth Adoptions International Inc.
Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MOWA)AccreditedCommonwealth Adoptions International Inc.
Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (ICBF), ColombiaAccreditedCommonwealth Adoptions International Inc.
Kidsave InternationalFacilitatesCommonwealth Adoptions International Inc.
Ministry of Education in the Russian FederationAccreditedCommonwealth Adoptions International Inc.
Sunshine Adoption, Inc.Part ofCommonwealth Adoptions International Inc.
U.S. State DepartmentDenied accreditation ofCommonwealth Adoptions International Inc.
Department of International Adoptions, VietnamAccreditedCommonwealth Adoptions International Inc.
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Commonwealth Adoptions International Inc.Operates inDa Nang2008-09-01
Commonwealth Adoptions International Inc.Operates inEthiopia
Commonwealth Adoptions International Inc.Operates inQuang Nam2008-09-01
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Fraud case vs. adoption agency ends2010-02-26
Kidsave: corporate sponsors2009-02-28
Terry Goddard Sues Tucson Adoption Agency for Fraud2008-11-18


1585 East River Road, suite 121
Tucson, Arizona, 85718
United States
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