Faith International Adoptions

Organization type: Adoption Agency
Founded: 1995-06-12
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Eric StoweEmployed by2007-07-18
Heather MeskeFounder of1995-06-12
Heather MeskeEmployed by
John J MeskeFounder of1995-06-12
John J MeskeExecutive Director
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Faith International AdoptionsFacilitatesKidsFirst International Adoption, Inc. China
Faith International AdoptionsMember ofJoint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)
Faith International AdoptionsParticipates inThe CoMission for Children at Risk
Faith International AdoptionsMember ofAmerican Adoption Congress
Faith International AdoptionsFacilitatesLifelink international adoptionsVietnam
Faith International AdoptionsParticipates inJoint trip Nepal - 2008
Faith International AdoptionsFacilitatesCatholic Social Services (Diocese of Fall River)
Faith International AdoptionsSponsor ofJoint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)
Faith International AdoptionsParticipates inJoint Trip to Nepal - 2007
Faith International AdoptionsProvided grant toChina Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA)2004-00-00
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China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA)AccreditedFaith International Adoptions
U.S. State DepartmentAccreditedFaith International Adoptions2008-06-112013-03-31
Department of International Adoptions, VietnamAccreditedFaith International Adoptions
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Faith International AdoptionsOperates inCan Tho2008-09-01
Faith International AdoptionsOperates inHo Chi Min2008-09-01
Faith International AdoptionsOperates inBac Ninh2008-09-01
Faith International AdoptionsOperates inNepal
Faith International AdoptionsOperates inChina
Faith International AdoptionsOperates inVietnam2008-09-01
Faith International AdoptionsOperates inPanama
Faith International AdoptionsOperates inRussian Federation
Faith International AdoptionsOperates inMexico
Faith International AdoptionsOperates inNam Dinh2008-09-01
Faith International AdoptionsOperates inHa Noi2008-09-01
Abuse cases
Abuse cases of children while in placement and the role this organization played in their placement
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Girl adopted by Eddy and Donna WhisenhuntPlacement agency


535 East Dock Street, Suite 103
Tacoma, Washington, 98402
United States
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