The end of Masha Allen's second adoption

Over the last two years we have written extensively about the case of Masha Allen, culminating in the article The untold story of Masha Allen, which attempts to explain the circumstances of both Masha's adoption by Matthew Mancuso and her adoption by Faith Allen.

Today a new development emerged when this document was filed with the district court of New Jersey. The document is filed in a case against the agencies responsible for the placement of Masha with Matthew Mancuso, and asks the court to amend the pleadings to reflect a new representative party Plaintive, Timothy J. Sloan.

The reason for this change in representation is the fact that Faith Allen's parental rights and duties have forever been terminated in the Court of common please of Cambria County, Pennsylvania orphans court division, as of December 3, 2009.

The document filed today makes the following statement:

Faith Allen is No Longer Masha Allen's Proper Representative.

Faith Allen, as Masha Allen's Parent and Guardian, initiated this litigation on September 15, 2005. See generally Complaint, Docket Entry 1. On or about August 18, 2009, Faith Allen freely and voluntarily executed a consent to adoption with respect to Masha, pursuant to 23 Pa.C.S.A § 2711.

Because Faith Allen did not revoke this consent to adoption within the statutorily allowed 30-day revocation period, it became irrevocable subject to narrow exceptions. The Orphan's Court with jurisdiction over the matter has now terminated Faith Allen's legal rights as a parent to Masha Allen.

With the termination of Faith Allen's parental rights and duties comes an end to another horrible chapter in Masha Allen's story. One can only hope this time around the decisions being made will really be in Masha's best interest. We are looking at you, Mr. Sloan, to make that difference.



How old is Masha now? Is someone else adopting her? Who? Who is Mr. Sloan?


Masha will be 18 in August 2010. Apparently Cambria County Pennsylvania has custody of her now, and given her age, it's not likely she will be adopted by anyone. The use of the word "adoption" in the document is legal language, meaning the State of Pennsylvania has taken custody of Masha. Mr. Sloan is Masha's guardian ad litem, responsible for all legal matters, including the case against FTIA et. al.

At the moment we don't know more than is stated in the document. Hopefully we will learn more through our contacts in the next couple of days.


Terrible! Has Faith Allen been charged with anything?


As far as I know Faith Allen has not been charged with anything. According to the court document she freely and voluntarily relinquished her parental rights and duties.

State regs

I don't know how it works in that state, but in many states in order to relinquish a child to the State the parent is charged with child abandonment or some other similar charge.

Adoption: Aborted

<still shaking my head in disgust>

It's so very sad this already tragic story has now earned a new tag:  Disrupted placement cases.

And to think..... Masha had/has a sister in Russia.... a sister who was led to believe being adopted by an American was best for a little girl brought to a Russian orphanage.

Sounds suspicous 2 me

Didn't Marsha appear on Nancy Grace with Senator Carey last year? None of this seems true to me cause between Oprah and the congressmen and everyone whow was supposed to be lookin gout for this girl someone would have done something by now. There's nothing in the news about this whole situation anywhere. Didn't Faith get some kind of Congressional medal for adopting Marsha? You'd think this would be front page news if it was true. I think it's just one more effort to criticize adoption and make people look bad.

ignorance is bliss

Since you don't even know how to spell Masha or Sentator Kerry's name properly, or realize the airing of Nancy Grace's show was almost four years ago, I take it you haven't made any effort to look into this case. If you don't believe court documents, then you certainly are beyond help.

Angel in Adoption

The Marsha person might be an idiot but he/she raises a good point. Didn't Faith win a major Congressional award for adopting Masha? Here it is still on Senator Isakson's website today:

"After a lifetime of unimaginable hardships, Masha now has a safe home filled with compassion and love thanks to her Angel in Adoption, Faith Allen.”

According to Congressman Gingrey,

“Faith Allen is a shining example of the selfless love adoptive parents give their children,” said Gingrey. “Faith is more than just Masha’s adoptive mother; she is her pillar of support, providing encouragement as Masha bravely shares her story. Everyone who spends time with Faith and Masha feels the warmth and kindness that make Faith an Angel in Adoption.

These are powerful words for someone whose parental rights were allegedly terminated. Certainly these politicians don't give out these awards to just anyone! And if any of this business about Faith being neglectful was true you'd think they'd revise their websites.
Bottom line - people lie in court documents all the time. Until the "responsible media" reports on this story I'm willing to wait in judgment.

lies in court documents

Faith Allen's parental rights have not only allegedly been terminated, they have factually been terminated. If you go to page 14 of this court document, you can read the decree of the Court of Common Pleas of Cambria County, Pennsylvania Orphan's Court Division for yourself.

Of course you can wait for some journalist to pick up this same court document and write an article based on the same source I just provided you.

I do agree people lie in court all the time, usually when they do so, they have a motive to do so. In this case the litigation team in the case of Masha Allen versus FTIA et. al. (the agencies responsible for Masha's first adoption by Matthew Mancuso), filed a motion to amend/substitute/add parties, claiming that Faith Allen is no longer Masha's proper legal representative on the grounds that she freely and voluntarily gave up her parental rights.

What motive could the litigation team of Masha have to file a fraudulent motion with a judge?

As to the statements made by Senator Isakson and Representative Gingrey, I made copies of those and have them stored in our Masha Allen archive just in case these members of congress decide to update their websites. There is certain embarrassment for them when they are confronted with their earlier statements.

It will take some time before the "responsible media" will pick up on this story, in The untold story of Masha Allen we explain why that is.

All For the Best


Once again you have done a remarkable job at exposing all the lies and half-truths about this case which certain other people seem hell bent on twisting for their own evil purposes.

I can assure you Niels that Faith only had Masha's best interest at heart here and always. She struggled FOR YEARS to get Masha the help she so desperately needs. Medicaid and private charity just didn't provide the best care, so Faith selflessly gave up Masha to the state in order to get her the intense therapy and treatment she was denied for so long.

Faith is the REAL HERO of this story. She placed herself at risk of all this slander and ill-will in order to help and defend Masha. She is truly an Angel in Adoption as so many have recognized!

When the truth is told, Faith will be vindicated. She did what was best for her child as any loving mother would do. When she couldn't provide the help Masha needed, she did the right thing and quietly stepped aside so others could help. It was a desperate act of courage and concern for Masha who has suffered so much at the hands of her many handlers, advisors and politicians.

Lawyers can twist anything in their papers with half-truths and thinly veiled facts. Until the whole story is told, Faith is and will always be Masha's savior and best friend until the end.

Masha's Friend

nice spin

She struggled FOR YEARS to get Masha the help she so desperately needs. Medicaid and private charity just didn't provide the best care, so Faith selflessly gave up Masha to the state in order to get her the intense therapy and treatment she was denied for so long.

And the State provides therapy and treatment through?... Medicare

Well Documented Situation

No need to spin anything. This is a well-documented problem throughout the country. This article in the New York Times, Parents of Mentally Ill Children Trade Custody for Care, is right on target and is an example of the difficult situation Faith faced in her tireless search for help.

You might recall the situation in Nebraska a few months back where desperate parents with few choices were forced to turn over their children to the state to get them the mental treatment they needed. The truth is, Masha can receive much better care in state custody than she can with Medicaid alone. This is the "deal" Cambria County made with Faith; we can take care of Masha better than you can if you just give us full custody.

This is why Faith VOLUNTARILY gave up her parental rights. There was no neglect, no abuse and no court case. After all the lawyers who now represent Masha were hired by Faith. Why would Faith's own lawyers go against her interest? Faith approved of everything including the consent to adoption and even the motion for a guardian which was filed by her own lawyers.

By doing what she did, Faith gave up her right to the millions of dollars Masha will eventually receive in this litigation. If that's not an Angel in Adoption then I don't know what is. Everyone should be applauding Faith not condemning her.

Masha's Friend

Praisal usually goes to those that foot the bills

Who are you to know this? Apart from the people on the litigation team, I don't believe many people would know these sort of things.

Been Around Enough to Know


I've been around enough to know that what stinks usually isn't your own s*$t. You've given us everything we need to make up our minds. Let this case rest on the record. A friend of Masha is Faith's best defender.

Masha's Friend

The courts said my parents

The courts said my parents abandoned me. the courts also said that my extended family didn't want me.  But they did not. abandon me. And as soon as I turned 18 I got to see all the hoops my family tried to jump threw and at the end were told they were to poor to take care of me. And my grandparents to old.

The courts have ZERO credibility, They have proven time and time again they are nuthing more then a tool used by adoption agencies and foster care agencies to ensure the children stay in their care so the various states can keep receiving federal funds or they can get them sold off.

The courts sadly have proven time and time again they can't be trusted. Many lawyers have abused the law system as well but the courts didn't do anything to stop them. So they did it to themselves. Courts and credibility should not be used in the same sentence unless it's criminal court... and even then it's questionable at best.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The adoption and foster care industry are the poster children for that saying.

No lawyer talk despite how smart it seems can can down play that or make us feel pitty.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, even when it comes to children.

CPS put down the money and step away from the children.

"mentally ill"

Wasn't there some talk that Faith Allen kept seeking therapy because she herself was having severe difficulties with her own troubled past? I thought I read somewhere, she was receiving treatment for anorexia nervosa, a real bonafide "mental illness". I'm not judging, because there's no question, the adoptive mother with many changed identities had a terrible childhood, too... and she SHOULD receive proper care. [God knows she deserves better than what was given through her friends, church, and family!].

Now that Masha is out of the picture, I truly hope Faith gets the help she really needs. After all, Faith deserves healing, too.

But let's talk about this volunteer action that should be applauded.

I had a best friend in college who was schizophrenic who "voluntarily" checked-in a mental hospital. If she didn't "volunteer", her parents were going to call the police and have her committed. Not much of a choice, but at least saying you volunteered to do something - like going into a mental ward - looks much better than being forced into one.

As a lawyer, facing future litigation, I would think telling your mentally ill client to VOLUNTARILY give up her parental rights is much smarter than having them taken away, by a judge. It wouldn't look good if Masha's second adoptive parent was seen by a court not only "mentally ill", but definitely unfit to parent, too.

Faith is no idiot. However, no matter how her legal team wants to represent her, she's no selfless saint, either. I could be very wrong, but it's my belief this latest development represents a very sad trend that started way-back-when.... Faith, in her never-ending wish to please and find approval, first approved and then followed orders, because that's what good (much loved) girls do.

My prayers go out to both Masha and Faith. Seeing what kind of friends they have, they could use an extra prayer or two.

Amen Kerry

Kerry you are exactly right. Faith was incredibly victimized by this whole thing and she remains a victim on par with Masha. When Faith was just a child her parents raised her in a cult, she was forced to drink human blood and witness human sacrifices. She testified about this in Pennsylvania but no one would help her. The judge threw the case out! She told Nancy Grace that she was molested by her father and her step-father and brothers who were probably in the cult too. Then her minister raped her with Masha in the home watching. She has suffered over and over again with bad dreams and anorexia. From what I can see Judge Allen pushed these foster kids on her and forced her to take Masha. Who would want a kid like Masha in their home, be honest? Faith was set up from the very beginning.


When Faith was just a child her parents raised her in a cult, she was forced to drink human blood and witness human sacrifices.


Well anyway, if that's true, she just went form one cult to another at that whackjob Jubilee International Ministries (Judge Allen's church).

Frying pan/fire.

Minister raped her? Hello!

Minister raped her? Hello! Stroll through the transcripts of the minister's trial at which he was acquitted on the basis of searing testimony against Faith by her neighbors and friends. She made sex tapes in an effort to extort him. Not the action of a well adjusted or healthy person. I'm with Niels. This is not about Faith. She should have been screened out. This is about a system that has fundamentally failed not just Masha but generations of children.

What is your information based on?

Minister raped her? Hello! Stroll through the transcripts of the minister's trial at which he was acquitted on the basis of searing testimony against Faith by her neighbors and friends. She made sex tapes in an effort to extort him. Not the action of a well adjusted or healthy person.

Um, *Source?*

Obviously, she was caught up in some prolife/antiabortion racket, using her as a dumb tool to make some kind of whackjob/sociopath/conservative political point. It resulted in one of the most horrific conditions for a double-over adoptee one has ever read about. Which seems to keep getting lost in these conversations.

But what is your *source* for her having "made sex tapes in an effort to extort him"? LOLOL!

If he was so concerned about being extorted, he should have kept his damn pants zipped, and Faith as far away from his ministerial counseling hours as possible.

Prove it.

Pay attention

Einstein, the previous writer gave the source; court transcripts. That also doubles as proof.

Your bizarre logic blames victims; the pastor for sex (not illegal) not Faith for her extortion. You want to defend a psychopath who pulled the spotlight towards herself instead of a traumatized child. Faith had a national spotlight. Oprah, politicians, the press. She could have screamed and made a fuss about getting poor Masha real legitimate psychological counseling. Instead she played 'put the spotlight on me' and then victim when she got called out for it.

Get the hook out of your mouth, unless of course you're Faith. If so then shame on you, frickin' loon.

Yeah, I'm Faith [rolls eyes]

Your bizarre logic blames victims; the pastor for sex (not illegal) not Faith for her extortion. You want to defend a psychopath who pulled the spotlight towards herself instead of a traumatized child.

What the shit are you talking about?

Go back and read my posts on this topic, and stay out of my face until you do.

I dont normally comment on

I dont normally comment on these internet blogs,but I feel this a is must! As someone who new Faith and what she was like when she had Masha, I can tell you that Faith never told the same story more than once. She lied about everything, she gave several stories about her child hood, but the cult one is a new one for me- I had heard so many lies out of her mouth that she became a joke to me and others who knew her. Of course she had to come up with a story of her own abuse, Masha was getting so much attention for it, why not have the same attention as well, she was a sicko! As for the minister, she told everyone around her that they were dating and would eventually move in together! This women is a psychopath who needs to be brought to justice and I hope Masha gets a chance to go after all who have hurt and used her! I hope you are ok Masha!

I am living proof of what

I am living proof of what you stated, I lived with Faith and Masha for 3 months in Douglasville, in a yellow, two story house that Faith had just moved into with Masha. Every day it was a different story from Faith. I met her on an online chat room for satanic ritual abuse survivors. She paid for a bus ticket for me from Indiana and I came to stay with her. I watched her house while she was in CA doing interviews with Masha. I knew Faith online for awhile, yahoo chat as well as paltalk. I am only a few years older than Masha and was clearly out of my mind when I said yes to Faith's offer to move in with her and Masha. It is what it is, a part of my life I do not look back on for many reasons. I really pray Masha is doing okay, if you read this Masha, it's "Grayce". Hope you are doing well, I am sooo proud of you! You have come such a long way and you're doing great girl! Keep your head up, I tried to contact you when Faith kicked me out that night but she made it nearly impossible. I am so sorry I wasn't able to do more nor keep in contact with you. I still remember the time I let you wear my goth clothes to school and Faith threw a fit when we came to pick you up that day. Stay strong girl, keep fighting! Your friend , "Grayce"

Grace you are wrong. Faith

Grace you are wrong. Faith and I sure we had differences as any kid with a parent. She is not what everyone is making her out to be. The voluntary termination of parental rights was a decision we made together. We stay in touch. All this slander needs to stop. I'm tired of people talking behind my back. Don't forget Grayce we came and picked you up and then drove you to Texas where you planned on staying so stop lying.

it sounds like this response

it sounds like this response has come from the Judge who let the adoption happen in the first place.....covering her ignorant ass!

For the record

Just so people visiting this thread don't get fooled, Anonymous, who posted Angel in Adoption, Masha's Friend, who posted All For the Best and Well Documented Situation, and Sage Observation, who posted Been Around Enough to Know, are the same person, or at least share the same IP-address.



Real Hero? Hahaha

Faith is the REAL HERO of this story.

Sounds more like a rightwing nutjob aparent with something to prove about her own situation.

Just like that vile mentor of hers.

In other words, quite typical of American Xn adoptive parents. There is no such thing as altruism in adoption.

Evil genius

First thing that came to my mind after reading the praise for Adoption Angels is:  Someone found a way to convince Faith to step away, so fall-out does not bring much negative attention to judge Allen's involvement in this whole mess.

Angels in adoption.  Heaven help us!!

This God-send message is a farce when you consider the fact that so-called "angels" involved with the adoption industry are doing nothing to stop children (who may or may not be "an orphan") from being sold to pedophiles and people with mental illness.  Any god that is OK with that is no god I want to look-up to.

Personally, I think Faith is as much as a victim in this whole mess as Masha is.  I believe both were used by people wanting to promote a very false image to people who were buying it.

Smoke screen

I don't think there was so much convincing needed anymore. From September 20 to September 27, 2006, there already was a temporary separation between Masha and Faith Allen, leading to Masha's stay with the Slaten family, in Douglasville, Georgia. There were negotiations going on at the time, so Masha could stay with the Slaten family. In the end those negotiations didn't work out because of the adoption subsidy (in the order of $500/month) Faith Allen received and claimed she needed.

In August of this year, Masha will turn 18, at which time the adoption subsidies stop. So no matter the choice, Faith Allen would have to live without those adoption subsidies, no matter what.

The Angels in Adoption are a farce. Those who claim to be friends of Masha know that too. They can't have it both ways. Either Keith Wallace, as CEO of Families Thru International Adoption (FTIA), is partially responsible for the placement of Masha with Matthew Mancuso, as is claimed in the case filed on behalf of Masha versus FTIA et. al., or he is a true Angel in Adoption, just like Faith Allen is.

I do agree, Faith Allen has been used in this case and shouldn't be the focus of attention. The real issue is the decisions made by the authorities in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, to place Masha with Faith Allen. Angels in Adoptions, the words of Members of Congress, and claims of self-sacrifice on Faith Allen's part are only a smoke screen.

As far as I am concerned there are only three important issues:

  1. The wellbeing of Masha Allen
  2. Who is responsible for the placement of Masha with Matthew Mancuso, which is currently being addressed in a court case?
  3. Who is responsible for the placement of Masha with Faith Allen, which Masha can seek compensation for until the age of 21?

Reminds me of when

Faith selflessly gave up Masha to the state in order to get her the intense therapy and treatment she was denied for so long.

Like Sarah Palin so selflessly quit governorship midterm because, well, it's in the best interest of Alaska.

This is where the logic of crass nutjobbery gets people.

Sane, truly personally-responsible people do not relinquish children to the state -- especially given what Miss Allen has been through AT THE HANDS OF THAT VERY STATE -- out of "altruism".

There is no altruism/selflessness in adoption. None.

too much attention

I like your comparison to Sarah Palin, who also gets more attention than she really deserves.

It actually makes me sad to see how much Faith Allen takes center stage in all of this. When describing the awful decisions made by the authorities in Pennsylvania to place Masha with Faith Allen, it's impossible not to pay attention to the back ground and actions of this chosen mother, but in the end she is only a pawn in the game.

For me, the real blame lies not with Faith Allen. To me she is a screwed up person who never should have been accepted as a foster parent in the first place. The authorities in Pennsylvania, and those in Georgia later on, are the ones to really blame.

Unfortunately it's impossible to demonstrate the severity of their decisions without paying attention to Faith Allen, but I sometimes wish it could be added as an appendix to the story.

In the end this should be about Masha and how placement organizations and local authorities have failed her time and again.

All attention paid to Faith Allen, just like any attention paid to Sarah Palin is a waste of time and energy. Let them have their sainthood among their followers, but let's not pretend they are actually important.

Another troubling part that somehow the sockpuppets here are trying to cast Faith Allen as some kind of wounded party; again, diverting focus away from Masha Allen.

She is definitely that regarding her own horrible treatment as a child and young adult, no doubts there. She is also a very obvious tool used by an extremist Christian Sharia judge.

But re: in the apparent outcome of this case, sorry there will be no hagiographies for her, not from this corner.

I don't know who these bogus friends of Masha think they are kidding...

"responsible media"

For those interested in learning more about the role of the "responsible media" in the Masha Allen case, I would recommend reading Having Your Porn and Condemning it Too: A Case Study of a “Kiddie Porn” Expose, an article published in the October 2009 edition of Law, Culture and the Humanities.

Fascinating find!

Somehow I don't see Oprah dedicating an hour show to Masha's story again, featuring what Ummni Kahn writes:

the mass media is invested in “the reproduction of the status quo from which they greatly benefit."3 This status quo is maintained and buttressed with the use of simplistic narratives that traffic in “symbolic consumer goods.”4 Thus, in order to sell their product, the media must entice the imagination of the consumer with an entertaining story, and at the same time, must employ familiar, reassuring cultural frameworks that support their target audience’s world view.

And later:

Ultimately, I end my analysis by arguing that the media coverage served not to protect children, but to protect adults from acknowledging the primary role that mainstream society, and in particular the institution of the family, play in making children vulnerable to child sexual abuse.

Information, I'm sure, many (especially those praising the adoption industry) don't want others to know.

"Information, I'm sure, many

"Information, I'm sure, many (especially those praising the adoption industry) don't want others to know."

Of course not.

Powerful words aren't necessarily true words

It's true, they don't give publicity stunt Angels In Adoption Awards to "just anyone." But Jerry Sandusky got one. Does that make what the courts and media have said about him wrong? He got it because the man who reommended him for it didn't know him personally, just knew of his wonderful reputation for rehabilitating little boys. Politicians do stuff like that all the time. Mistakes happen all the time. People fool other people, and cover for the actions of evil people, *all the time.*

"I think it's just one more

"I think it's just one more effort to criticize adoption and make people look bad."

No it's not we don't have to. The adoption industry and people like this are doing it for us. We don't have to lift a finger. But thanks for playing.

Sure Faith got an Angel in

Sure Faith got an Angel in Adoption award but so did the people who had the agency that handed her over to Matthew Mancuso. Who knows. Maybe they were both trying to do their best. Or not!

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