Masha Allen (Mariya Nikolaevna Yashenkova)

Masha Allen was adopted  in 1998 at the age of 5 from Novoshakhtinsk, Rostov, Russia into the US by a single male pedophile, Matthew Mancuso. Masha was sexually abused for five years and also became the subject of child pornography. In 2006 she testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committy. In 2008 the news broke that abuse supposedly had again taken place by Faith Allen/Lynn Ginn, the woman who had adopted her immediately after Masha's "rescue" from Mancuso.
Date: 2003-05-27
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Sexual abuse, Sexual exploitation
Abuser: Adoptive father


Organizations: TJS (Dymtchenko's company)


Plum, Pennsylvania
United States
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Masha Allen’s fight to help other child sex assault victims2013-09-20
Child-porn victim sues pics' viewers2013-08-28
Victim Uses Namesake Law to Sue Exploiters2013-08-27
Victim of child pornography sues her exploiters in class-action suit2013-08-27
Victim of child pornography sues her exploiters2013-08-27
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Letter of Thomas Vecchio2010-06-18
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Order to show cause2010-06-17
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Answers of Defendant2010-06-08
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Amended complaint2010-06-01
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Amended Scheduling Order2010-01-07
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Minutes2010-01-06
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Telephone conference2010-01-06
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Order in motion to dismiss2010-01-04
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Plaintiff's Motion for Leave to File Amended Complaint2009-12-31
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Motion to Amend/Substitute/Add Parties2009-12-29
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Order2009-10-02
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Scheduling order2009-10-01
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Withdrawal of Appearance2009-09-14
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Notice of Appearance2009-09-11
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Motion to Dismiss (Jeannene Smith's affidavit)2009-08-05
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Letter Jeannene Smith2009-07-23
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Orders2009-07-07
The Blurry Boundaries of Child Porn2009-06-09
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Scheduling order2009-05-18
Having Your Porn and Condemning it Too: A Case Study of a “Kiddie Porn” Expose2009-05-01
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Affidavit of Service2009-04-21
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Answer to third part complaint2009-04-21
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Scheduling order2009-04-20
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Defendant Smith's Brief Amicus Curiae2009-04-17
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Waiver of service of summons2009-04-08
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Defendant's supplemental points and authorities2009-04-07
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - OPPOSITION TO MOTION TO WITHDRAW2009-04-07
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - SUPPLEMENTAL MEMORANDUM OF LAW2009-04-07
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - David S Bills letter to Judge Donio2009-03-20
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Motion to Withdraw2009-03-10
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Jeannene Smith's Motion to Dismiss2009-02-02
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Third party complaint2009-01-13
Adoptions examined after Russian boy dies 2009-01-02
Masha Allen v. FTIA et. al. - Civil action complaint2008-09-15
FTIA-ROTIA-AAA and the Axis of Evil2008-03-24
One Child's Unending Abuse - From Disney World Girl to Drifter2008-03-19
Talk: Pennsylvania v Charles Nathaniel Brown transcript2008-03-06
Focus on Adoption - a Rogues Gallery2008-02-14
Cambria County Casualty2008-02-12
An Obscene Betrayal2008-02-05
Announcements 2008-01-25
Letter from James Marsh to Masha Allen2007-12-17
"I don't understand why someone is not in jail"2007-12-11
Child Exploitation Cracks in the Floor2007-12-05
Plum man sentenced on porn charges2007-10-24
Pa. Man Pleads Guilty To Photographing Adopted Girl2007-10-23
Matthew Mancuso - Kiddie Porn Production And Pedophilia2007-10-22
Letter from James Marsh to Timothy J. Sloan, Esq. - II2007-10-09
Letter from James Marsh to Timothy J. Sloan, Esq. - I2007-10-04
Statement Regarding Masha Allen and Peter Sotos: Show Adult2007-07-10
Revictimizing Victims2007-07-04
Letter from Georgia Bar dismissing Faith Allen's grievance against lawyer2007-06-04
Letter from Scott M. Hollander, executive director KidsVoice, to State Bar of Georgia2007-05-17
What is ethics?2007-05-01
PA Judicial Conduct Board Response2007-04-07
Letter to Joseph Massa2007-02-16
Notice of claim2007-02-02
Sexual Assault Victimization Across the Life Span2007-01-22
Letter from James Marsh to DeAlvah Hill Simms, Esq.2007-01-19
Statement made available for all cases involving her heavily downloaded image2007-01-11
Confidential Request For Investigation2006-12-21
Letter from James Marsh to Diane Aiken2006-10-23
Kids can be victims or violators2006-10-16
Anonymous letter to James Marsh2006-10-16
Letter from James Marsh to Mohammad Ahmad, MD2006-10-11
Congressional Hearing: Sexual Exploitation of Children (exhibits)2006-09-27
The Masha Allen Adoption – What Went Wrong?2006-09-27
Douglas County Sheriff's Office Complaint Report2006-09-27
Timeline submitted regarding FTIA, ROTIA and Mancuso2006-09-27
Congressional Hearing: Sexual Exploitation of Children over the Internet2006-09-27
A Weekly e-Newsletter from Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA)2006-09-22
Isakson, Gingrey Honor Faith Allen of Georgia as Angel in Adoption2006-09-20
Rep. Gingrey and Sen. Isakson nominate Georgia’s Angel in Adoption2006-09-20
Masha Allen: victim impact statement2006-09-01
Child-Porn Victim Brings Her Story to Washington2006-08-31
Bush Signs Child Predator Law2006-07-27
H.R. 4472: Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 (includes Masha's law: section 707)2006-07-27
Merits of 'Masha's Law' Op-Ed2006-07-19
Response to Additional Questions2006-07-07
The story of Oksana2006-06-22
Child porn victim's pain heard in court2006-06-03
Webcam 'monster'2006-05-06
Congress listens to girl adopted for sex2006-05-05
Child Pornography Victim Shares Story on Capitol Hill2006-05-04
One small voice speaks out for other child porn victims2006-05-04
Child porn victim testifies to U.S. Congress2006-05-03
Net porn victim who helped change law2006-05-03
Young People Subjected to Sexual Predators2006-05-03
Masha Allen Testimony to the House Energy and Commerce Committy 2006-05-03
Plight of abused adoptee may help others2006-05-02
Russian children abused and murdered by American foster parents2006-04-05
Adoption in shadow of abuse2006-03-02
Rep. John Gingrey (R-GA11) statement in congress related to H.R. 47032006-02-14
HR 4703 (Masha's law)2006-02-07
Excerpts from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Charles Brown2006-02-03
Pennsylvania v Charles Nathaniel Brown transcript2006-02-03
Essex woman fights for better safeguards2006-02-02
Sex-slave horror prompts new scrutiny2006-01-23
Sex-offender program criticized2006-01-21
Sit-Down With A Molestation Survivor2006-01-18
Attorney denies Devens facility is 'country club'2006-01-18
The Oprah Show - Meet Masha2006-01-17
Victim of child porn, 13, joins legislative fight2006-01-07
Kerry Introduces Legislation To Fight Child Porn2006-01-06
Abused Girl Asks Putin Not to Halt Adoptions2005-12-29
Kerry, Isakson Push Tougher Penalties for Child Internet Pornography2005-12-20
Masha's letter to Vladimir Putin2005-12-15
Masha Names Envoy to Russia2005-12-13
Heroic Young Girl Tells of Her Child Porn Ordeal2005-12-01
Masha’s Story2005-11-30
Child abuse 'monster' gets 35-70 years2005-11-18
Statement Regarding Matthew Alan Mancuso Sentencing2005-11-17
Pervert Patrol : Big nabs begin with gut feeling2005-11-16
Plum man convicted of child sex abuse2005-08-24
Father guilty in rape of adopted daughter2005-08-24
Father Is Convicted in Child-Rape Case2005-08-24
Plum man guilty of abusing adoptee2005-08-24
'Disney Porn' Photographer Convicted2005-08-23
Suspect In Child Porn Case Charged With New Crimes2005-06-30
`Internet' girl's story unravels wicked Web of abuse2005-06-19
Girl, 12, survives ordeal, but search is prolonged2005-06-19
Girl Who Had No Name Finds Road to Healing2005-06-18
Child Pornography and Child Abuse of Adopted Russian-Born Children2005-06-08
More charges for child porn convict2005-06-01
Girl relishes fresh start after adoptive dad's abuse2005-05-29
Child porn victim speaks out against her abuser2005-05-26
Girl in Disney abuse photos speaks out2005-05-26
Child Porn Victim Could Help Keep Abuser In Prison2005-05-25
Team 4: Girl In Disney Abuse Pics Speaks Out2005-05-25
Internet Child Porn Victim Talks About Ordeal2005-05-24
Internet Porn Girl Rescued2005-05-16
'Disney World Girl' Found, Safe2005-05-15
Girl seen in abuse photos is found2005-05-14
FBI: Internet porn victim safe2005-05-14
Abused Girl in Web Photos Found Safe2005-05-14
Attorney: Child porn victim adopted2005-05-14
Detectives Report New Lead In Disney Porn Case2005-05-03
Child-porn trackers do dirty work2005-05-01
Child porn probe releases photo of witness2005-04-28
Tips in child-porn case lead to area, Disney resort2005-02-09
Disney clue in abused girl hunt2005-02-09
Breakthrough made in child-porn inquiry 2005-02-09
Two-Nation Hunt For Sex Abuser2005-02-09
Florida hotel identified as scene of child porn photos2005-02-06
T.O. police identify hotel where girl was abused2005-02-04
Monroeville Hypnosis-Fondling Case Goes To Trial2004-12-07
Minister/Reporter Allegedly Fondles Woman Under Hypnosis2004-10-26
Adoption Hearing2004-05-14
A tale of faith, hope and love blesses all2004-05-14
IN RE: CHANGE OF NAME OF Lynn Maria Ginn TO: Faith Elizabeth Allen2004-01-13
Testimony of Mary Beth Buchanan Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate2003-10-15
Masha's homestudy (2003) - Michele A. Cunko, Every Child Inc.2003-10-07
PLUM: Guilty of child porn, abuse2003-09-30
Telephone Post Placement started 9/002000-11-15
Masha Post Placement Report by "Francis White"1999-03-23
Post placement instructions and notes1998-07-15
Invoice and travel instructions from TJS / Dymtchenko1998-05-15
Documents related to Mancuso adoption FTIA / ROTIA1998-04-21
Additional reference letters (including his mother and daughter) and photos for Mancuso's application 1998-02-04
Mancuso homestudy for Masha (1997) - Nancy Simpronio 1997-11-21
Application for Mancuso homestudy with Family Adoption Center (Adagio)1997-09-29
Application for adoption Matthew Manuso - Families Thru International Adoption1997-08-22
Registration and processing forms adoption Masha by Matthew Mancuso1997-08-05
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Masha, if you read this.. i

Masha, if you read this.. i know you remember me... 6 years ago we were best friends. i have been trying to contact you ever since. you spent a summer with me and we went to the pool. i do not want to say my name but masha if you do see this please find me on facebook. i know this is a slim chance you will ever see this but i do miss you and am worried about you. it has been 6 years since i have been trying to contact you. i hope you are doing well!!


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