Chinese children abducted for adoption abroad

Despite the fact the Hague Treaty on Inter country adoption which China ratified prohibits all forma of payment to biological parents it is clear that children are being trafficked for adoption from within the Country for huge sums of money, thus again the Hague treaty is proven not again to protect children in difficulty.

Evidence put forward by Brian H Stuy who has many years of study of adoption practices in China proves this and he can even name some 10 Chinese orphanages that flout the rules and are involved in these dubious practices that do not serve the best interest of the child.

In some orphanages children brought it seems even by strangers are often exchanged for a sum of cash and this is illegal but a clear fact of the illicit trade in children. In a country stricken by sheer hard unseen poverty in rural and remote areas, plus a lack of education on childcare policies within these areas one can appreciate that it is all to easy for children to be either sold for hard cash or abducted and these children are the supply and demand of the huge inter country adoption agencies that make financial gain out of children without any thought for the child or its biological parents.

Many foreigners have adopted children for instance from the Zhenyan orphanage including 5 from Belgium and despite the fact it is now well known that corrupt practices exist in this orphanage and these children may well have parents who have been tricked into giving them up by corrupt officials the Minister for children Catherine Fonck has brushed aside without any investigation these cases claiming she feels these children were not purchased. Only a full and thorough investigation would prove this.

Within China there is a huge list of Chinese couples who would love to adopt a child but get no chance and never will do until the huge trade in inter country adoption with its huge profits ends. Clearly the huge amounts of cash gained in foreign adoption without interest for the child is valued over national adoption in which a child retains its roots and origin within China.

Adoption agencies can cry all they want about children needing to be saved from poverty but the answer is not to purchase children in poverty as this serves no interest for the child. Full reforms of child care and addressing poverty at local levels within any Country is far better for any child and does serve the child’s best interest.

This is also a valuable point the proposed US Ambassador Mark Gitenstein to Romania should note along with the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and act upon rather than try serve the needs of US families who wish to adopt a child as Romania has no need to re open inter country adoptions that see children sold for cash again. Supply and demand must stop as is no more than child trafficking and children’s interests must be put first.


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