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Romanian is still being pressured to export children.

In 2001 Romania placed a ban on Inter Country adoptions of its children after massive corruption was discovered within these kinds of adoptions. Ever since the ban came into place the Country has been unjustly pressurized by the leading Countries involved in Inter- Country Adoptions. France, Italy, Spain, Israel and the US and UK have all lobbied to get this ban lifted. The politicians in these Countries involved have interests in adoption agencies and in many cases adoptive parents too.

Romania’s lost orphans adopted abroad are they dead or alive now; who knows, who cares?

For almost 20 years the large concerns interested in International adoptions, their foreign supporters and followers along with many Agencies and NGOs that worked in inter country adoptions before the Romanian ban on such adoptions have constantly denied the public Worldwide the truth of what happened to the thousands Romanian children adopted and exported abroad between 1991 and 1997.

Chinese children abducted for adoption abroad

Despite the fact the Hague Treaty on Inter country adoption which China ratified prohibits all forma of payment to biological parents it is clear that children are being trafficked for adoption from within the Country for huge sums of money, thus again the Hague treaty is proven not again to protect children in difficulty.

China swamped with adoption offers

From correspondents in Beijing | May 16, 2008

CHINESE internet users have swamped online forums with offers to take in orphans of this week's devastating earthquake as the government drafts plans for adoptions.

Brother who was lost for TEN YEARS was in care home after all

A man spent almost a decade searching for his disabled brother only to find he had been drugged and kept in a private care home for the entire time.

Rod Fraser, 50, repeatedly asked police and social services for help in tracking down his brother, Ian, 57, who vanished in 1998.

Nigerian woman bought a baby for £150 to qualify for a council house in Britain

A housing support worker, who smuggled a baby from Nigeria in a "callous" bid to get a free flat, was jailed for 26 months in the UK today.

Peace Sandberg, 40, branded "manipulative and a stranger to the truth" by the judge, is believed by police to have paid £150 for the three-month-old boy in her native country.

Caught: Paedophile actor pictured abusing boys

A suspected paedophile targeted in an international manhunt was today arrested by police in the United States, Interpol revealed.

The arrest was made two days after Interpol, the international police agency based appealed for public help to track down the man.

Internet Intercountry adoptions

Intercountry Adoption on the Internet

Effects of Institutional Care

The Relationship between Institutional Care and the International Adoption of Children in Europe.

Author: Shihning Chou and Kevin Browne Date: Friday, March 07, 2008

The study explored the link between institutional care for young children and international adoption, using a survey of 33 European countries. Official figures were available from 25 countries on the proportions of national versus international adoption within their own countries, together with the number of children under three in institutional care.

Sisters terrorised and abused for years despite warnings from social workers and teacher

A MAN who continued to beat, terrorise and sexually molest two little sisters – even though social workers and a teacher expressed their concerns – was jailed for ten years yesterday.

Judge Lord Kinclaven told Norman Carden: "The word abuse is barely adequate to describe the despicable conduct set out in these charges."

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