Guatemala - son of Gladys Caal Suc case

May 11, 2007, Gladys was leaving Hospital Roosevelt with her newborn son, when the boy was stolen from her arms, by Rosalinda Rivera Estrada.  Later, the baby is registered in the municipality of San Juan Sacatepéquez birth with a birth certificate issued by the Hospital General San Juan de Dios. Rosalinda Rivera was charged and sentenced for this crime.  Believed to be adopted abroad.

Facilitators listed are individuals and organizations in Guatemala who played a role.
Date: 2007-05-11
Number of children: 1


guatemala, Guatemala
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Hearing about charges of illegal adoption2009-01-14
MP intensifies research on theft of children for adoption2008-08-03
Prosecution investigates more stealing of children in Guatemala2008-08-03
Ordered imprisonment of the deputy's sister2008-08-02
Captured the sister of Gudy Rivera of PP2008-08-02
Woman accused of stealing a child goes to prison2008-08-02
Identifies hospitals in the trafficking of children2008-06-25


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