Dr Philip Broeckel was framed by Julie Berryman

Date: 2009-02-16

I should know. I am one of the adopted children. I was the first to be adopted by the Broeckels. NONE of the children accused my father of anything until after they went to see a Memory regression therapist, and as everyone knows now , memory regression therapy is more often the cause of the memories than anything else. My father was arrested and sent to prison where he died. he was old and had a heart condition. julie wanted out of her marriage to him and thought she could collect on his money if he were not around.

He was an innocent man, doesnt anybody think that any one of we 21 children would have noticed something going on if it actually were?

Julie was even convinced he had mob ties and that the MOB was trying to kill her for her accusations against Phil.

Each child who made claims... did so ONLY after going to the regression therapist. each one ...one at a time came home filled with "memories" that had been "uncovered", the only tie was julie's presence at each therapy session. All of our lives were trashed by these actions.


which 1 are you?? because

which 1 are you?? because my mother is one of tha 21 kids & i know shes knows what really happened!!!

Well I have to say.. I saw

Well I have to say.. I saw him having sex with one of my adopted sisters on more than one occasions. Yes we did go to counseling after the fact but not regression therepy. I loved my dad very much and I miss him to this day. I had confronted him about having sex with my sister. He told me he would not do it again. But when I saw it happen again. I had no choice but to tell. Because this girl had be abused all her life. And as far as Julie wanting out of her marriage and wanting his $$ is crazy.. She was devistated when we told her what was going on. She had a hard time dealing with this. She loved him very much.. They would go away every 6 weeks for a couple of days. So brother I love you and I know your life has been hard. Mom has made mistakes. Who hasn't?? Dad did molest some of the adopted kids. He was not framed. I wish none of it were true but it is. I saw it. I have never lied to you. Our lives have been torn apart, but you have to make a choice to make the best of it and learn from it.

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