Attetegeb Worku Memorial Orphans Support Association

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Children need care, security and protection from us adults, because of their age, their physical, social and spiritual immaturity. In most cases the mother and father can fulfill their biological and social responsibility to provide these vital elements to their children. This is not the case for orphans, who have to turn to other adults to take care of them.

As parents we have a strong urge to give our children all the care and protection they need. I believe, orphans deserve exactly the same. We have to work together to give orphans the same basic things we wish for our own children. We have to be kind and unyielding in our support to help them in developing their personalities to the fullest. To survive as a species, humans have learned to take care of each other. These children need our help more urgently than anybody else I could imagine. Their future is endangered. Their survival is threatened by lack of proper food, health care, education, affection and protection.

You have to realize that supporting orphans is not only work. It is also very satisfying. Their future success is a splendid  payback for the investment you make. Therefore I ask you to contribute what you can. If we care for orphans today, we can make them self-reliant in the future.

Sincerely Yours,

Haregewoin Teferra

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