Faith J. Ray (Samantha Foster)

2-year old girl adopted by Joe and Violet Ray was rushed to the hospital where she was found to have bleeding of her brain, multiple bruises on her arms, chest, legs, and thighs, as well as vaginal tearing. Several hours later she died. Her death was declared a homicide. Faith was one of 6 adopted children; two from private adoption agencies, four from DCF, including Faith and her 1-year-old bio brother.
Date: 2008-12-08
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Lethal physical abuse
Abuser: Adoptive mother


Bellevue, Florida
United States
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Woman Gets Life For Killing 2-Year-Old Adopted Daughter in Marion County2012-08-29
Violet Ray gets life sentence in murder of adopted daughter2012-08-28
Mom convicted in death of 2-year-old2012-05-18
Expert witnesses dispute medical examiner's conclusion2012-05-17
Woman charged in adopted daughter's death absent from courtroom2010-03-10
Woman accused of killing adopted child asks her attorney to step down2009-07-01
DCF: Mom Charged In Adopted Girl’s Death Passed Background Checks2009-04-12
Report indicates 2-year-old was beaten severely2009-04-09
Mom accused in murder on suicide watch2009-04-08
DCF report documents tot's severe beating, troubled mom2009-04-08
Belleview mom arrested in death of adopted girl2009-04-07
Siblings put in foster care amid investigation of toddler's death2008-12-13
Officials rule death of local girl homicide2008-12-12
Death of local 2-year-old girl ruled a homicide2008-12-11

Faith J. Ray

R.I.P. Samantha
Mommy Loves you

Sad reality

Seeing the name "Samantha" associated with the name Faith J. Ray surprised me, so I did a little reading and found this response to an article posted on

 I just want to express my appreciation to the investigators Ms. Stroup and Mr. Peavy; the DCF attorney, Brenda Summers; the judge, Judge Robbins; and all who truly loved Faith Ray--known for the first two years of her life as Samantha Foster--with particular regards to the foster mom Brittany who loved her as her own, Brittany's family who also loved "Sam" unconditionally, those who took care of her, new her, and made her first two years as joyous and rich as any child could have had.

Please remember that there are many people grieving Faith's [Sam's] loss. While the Ray family and friends gather around Violet and feel pity and sorrow at their own lives for what might become of their loved one (Violet), there are we who sit here and sorrow over what she has taken from us, our lives, our community, and OUR community and country's future. Sam was life. She mattered then, and she matters now.  [From:  "Belleview mom arrested in death of adopted girl", April 8, 2009 comment, ]

I don't know why the name-change surprised me... as many of us adoptees get our names changed.  I simply find the identity-change yet another sad part to this very sad story.

Unjust Society

Why are we still waiting for justice. Samantha's life was just as important as any other child. why hasnt the accused been punished. In the months following samantha's death there have been many other innocent children killed and as it should be the responsible parties have been punished almost immediately.

Why are we waiting?

It is not fair for Violet Ray to walk the streets every day pretty much as a free woman after what she did. what is so special about her? who does she know. why did she have to be indicted? why wouldnt the state attorneys office allow her to be arrested?


As an adult adoptee it grieves me to see a child abuse in a home or any child for that matter. I just relate more to this story, being adopted at the age of three to an abusive home. I was taken from my foster home and adopted out to my foster mothers, brother and sister-in-law. Not only did my Aunt dislike me, but my adopted parents where verbally abusive to me AND to each other. In a years time they divorced after my adoption was final. At the time of my adoption my mother was on her third marriage and my father his fourth. Thankfully I managed to stay away from my father as he was physical violent towards my mother and I can imagine would have been to me had I remained close to him. After my fathers, death as an only child, I had to battle with my foster mother now my legal Aunt over my fathers estate, even though under Florida law I am his next of kin (he never remarried). The whole ordeal was and still is a mess. I would think after all these years there would be much better investigation into who can and can not adopt. By what I read the foster care system is still horrible and I wonder about the placement of children in adoptive homes as well.

Violet Ray was found guilty

Violet Ray was found guilty May 2012 although it will never bring Samantha back it does help a little to know that the guilty isnt free to do as she pleases. Sentencing still hasnt taken place but we are praying for the max.


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