mixed emotions

I have probably spent over an hour just trying to start this blog.  I have so many emotions going around my head right now and came to the conclusion that they are my emotions and it is my head so I'l spare you all my ramblings. Sacha is showing signs of improvement according to test results. Improvement can only be a good thing. Logan is so perfect but it doesnt feel quite right celebrating him. Every pleasure he gives feels like a betrayal if that makes sense. Even taking him out in the pram feels like Im stealing precious first memories from my Sacha. She is going to be a brilliant mum to Logan, I just know she is.

Meet Logan


<Sob, Sniff, Smile>

Oh Tina, he's so beautiful, with his perfect screaming mouth and tongue!

I can understand "guilt without The Mom" feeling... he's hers, not yours... yet, in this case... he IS yours, too. 

Logan is yours, and you are Logan's... all through your daughter... that's how family-generations are supposed to work.  Beautiful, in its heart-breaking way, isn't it?

Congratulations and best wishes, you "old-enough-to-be-his-grandmother" woman, you!


Do Enjoy!

Dear Tina,

Do enjoy this wonder of life. I understand your feelings, but your daughter will no doubt soon take over the mothering. She will be happy that you took such good care and it will make the bond between you and your grandchild even more stronger than it would be anyway.

Logan is soo beautiful!

Best wishes to you, your daughter, your grandchild,


He's perfect

Hi Tina,

What a perfect old men's face, just like babies should look. I completely understand your feelings, but Sacha will only be happy Logan is such good hands.

Best wishes for you, Sacha and Logan

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