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Hiya, hope some of you remember me! Ive not been around due to my daughter beeing ill. She is much better now so im back!
There are so many new names I feel like an uninvited guest at a party haha

love tina


Cause for celebration (not very Granny like I know haha)!
Sacha came home today!!! she is doing well and revelling in Logan. Logan is as lovely as ever and getting bigger by the day. Sacha is going to be assessed for a heart and lung transplant in the next few weeks but we are trying not to think too much about it. Like Sach said there is too much living to be done to be wasting it on worrying

Pics say it all

Sacha is now off the ventilator, she still has a bit of a way to go but is improving daily. Here is Sacha finally getting to meet her 2week old son Logan yesterday.

mixed emotions

I have probably spent over an hour just trying to start this blog.  I have so many emotions going around my head right now and came to the conclusion that they are my emotions and it is my head so I'l spare you all my ramblings. Sacha is showing signs of improvement according to test results. Improvement can only be a good thing. Logan is so perfect but it doesnt feel quite right celebrating him. Every pleasure he gives feels like a betrayal if that makes sense. Even taking him out in the pram feels like Im stealing precious first memories from my Sacha.

So excited

I haven't been around much lately but for a very good reason. My daughter is 8 days over due with my first grandchild! God it makes me sound old. I don't feel old enough to be a mum let alone a Nan but I'm so excited! She is going to be started off on Thursday so I will soon be holding my grandson.

Ofsteds Study into CAFCASS

Inspectors for the child protection arena are always careful to never blame anyone for bad work.. Ofsted though deserves around of applaus for showing just how badly CAFCASS do their work.

An inspection of service provision by the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass)

to children and families in the East Midlands.

Child without a Face

open letter

We don't know each other, are paths have probably never even crossed but I have some things I want to say. Why, your probably asking. Well I was once the child your child is today. Maybe I just want you to hear the things I wish my adoptive parents had heard. I don't know, all I do know though is I care enough to say what a child cant.


I cant remember any other human being annoying me the way Gerry Mccann does. Now I know I shouldn't get personal but you know what I feel it's personal. A personal insult to my intelligence. Just where do they get off and what next.

A specialist in image age enhancement supplied a photo likeness of how Maddie would have changed over time. Not an easy task I'm sure.. That picture update must have been used on every Blog and news report about Maddie, except that is... the Mccanns sites. If I am right they have never give thanks or acknowledged the photo of their daughter.

Baby back in care

They may have got their own way (for now)... but at least they were forced to follow the law.

Baby 'snatched' from mother minutes after birth is ordered BACK into foster care.

A mother who had her baby son taken illegally by social workers wept yesterday as a court ordered he should be put in care after all.

The 18-year-old, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, broke down in tears and had to be supported by two relatives as she received the devastating news.

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