Seymour Kurtz: an update

While Baby Broker Watch already has a great page on Seymour Kurtz and we don't want to rehash too much of what is already written there, there was still an urge to find more about the current state of his activities. When perusing the website of the Georgia State Department to look up information about another agency, we accidentally stumbled upon his Golden Link Foundation and decided to look into the published documents.

The most interesting document was also the most recent. a certificate of merger, issued on 13 May 2007, which deals with the merger of Adoption World (Illinois) and Golden Link Foundation (Georgia), into a new Adoption World (Georgia). More specifically, the old Adoption World (Illinois) ceased to exist after the merger; and Golden Link Foundation as the surviving entity was subsequently renamed into Adoption World, head quartered in Illinois, but registered in Georgia. All signed sealed and delivered by Seymour Kurtz himself.

Looking through all the documents I found out there is another important figure in the Kurtz network, not mentioned on the Baby Broker Watch website, by the name of Mary Ann Mijajlovic, executive director of Adoption World as indicated by the license of the Department of Children and Family Services of Illinois. She was also the one who, in 1999, authorized the name change of Adoption Care Inc, into Golden Link Foundation, as is indicated in one of the appendices of the certificate of merger.

Adoption Care Inc. at the time had Diane Newton as its executive director, who held the same position with the now defunct Kurtz organization Friends of Children Inc., whose secretary was Margot Hamilton who at the time was executive director of Easter House, the agency with which Seymour Kurtz' adventures in baby selling all started in the early 1960's.

But let's get back to Mary Ann Mijajlovic, she is not only executive director of Adoption World, but holds that same position with another of Kurtz agencies, Birth Hope Adoption Agency, of which she is also the vice president. as can be learned from the annual report of 2007. In a report of 2002 of Birth Hope Adoption Agency we can also find the name of Howard Korengold, together with his fellow layer buddy Norman Hanfling, the person in whose name the Easter House is registered,

Seymour Kurtz, the sly fox that he is, certainly knows how to spin a web of deceit and despite actions of several states, many lawsuits later, he is still in business, albeit now with only three companies remaining: Adoption World, Easter House and Birth Hope. Or is there still more? Well, though it doesn't look active, there still seems to be a Friends of Children in Arkansas and according to the State Department its status is good standing. While the activity of that organization is not at all clear, it is certain Birth Promise Adoption Agency (Connecticut) is closed and so is Pregnancy Guidance Center (DC).

With those three organizations still in place and Seymour Kurtz having been investigated since 1976, when the Chicago Sun-Times first started a series of articles on him, it seems we will have to wait until the man's death before we are finally rid of him. He and his Easter House survived two congressional hearings, dozens of lawsuits, which not only proves the shrewdness of the man but also the weakness of the American legislative system.

For those interested, we made a couple of articles from the 1980's, about or mentioning Seymour Kurtz and only available in photocopy format, available as text:


What happened to my brother once he was adopted?

If this KURTZ man was selling these children ilegally and doing mostly international adoptions then that meens my adopted brother could be in Korea for all I know.What if they used him as some sort of slave in another country? Why is this man still allowed to have his name is the public and do what he does? Because of him and his "wife" lya Sorano I can't find my only sibling.My brother was adopted in 1985 at the Friends of Children agency Inc in G.A. and from what I understand lya Sorano started the agency and then stepped down and he became in charge.I need the real story,because what I understand is that he married her and made her legal or something to that sort.

Lya Sorano

We have some Lya Sorano info. If your brother was born in the US, most likely he was placed in the US. Have you tried some of the search angel groups? They are terrific about locating families for free.

I did not know there was a connection between Sorano and Kurtz. We will investigate it!

expat community

I wasn't aware of any connection between Sorano and Kurtz either. They certainly operated in the same area during the 1980's (Georgia/South Carolina). While Kurtz had an operation running in Mexico in the 1970's it has never been documented he did adoptions from Guatemala or El Salvador, countries where Lya Sorano was particularly active.

While it is indeed most likely the placement happened in the US, there is also the possibility of a placement in the expat community. The last business activity I heard of related to Seymour Kurtz, involved an American couple living in Switzerland, who tried to adopt using Kurtz' Adoption World agency (See: Seymour Kurtz out of business?).

Lya more

I found a few more articles about Lya including this interesting one
Engelina H. Engelken changes name to Lya Sorano

Baby Broker Watch

Baby Broker Watch seems to be off-line now, but available via archive

Lya Sorano

Well I spoke with a friend who said she had adopted both of her international children from the agency back in the 80's and she had told me that they were married and then divorced and after the divorce she went to Honduras? I believe and started her own agency.I've read alot of crazy stories about both of them.

Lya sorano

Did I forget to mention that I had personally spoke to lya yesterday? I asked her how to get the old case files and she said that she wasn't sure and that maybe I needed to check with Georgia vital records.She had told me she had started the company back in the 70's and left in 79 or 80,but my source told me that was untrue because she had adopted both of her children well into the mid 80's.So either lya lied to me or is just lacking in memory.

Friends of Children Inc.

I came across a website the other day for adoptee/adopted wanting to post adds to search for their loved ones for the Friends of Children Inc. agency can anyone tell me how to find that sight again?

The website is the first thing that comes to mind. Set up by mothers being duped by the various Kurtz agencies, it is intented to be a search, reuninon and support site for mothers, fathers, adoptive parents and children separated by adoption via a Kurtz adoption agency.

Lya sorano

According to Georgia records (see Children's Service's Corporate registration ) Lya's agency children's services was formed in 1980. Her second agency was in South Carolina (see Lya Sorano and Associates South Carolina registration) and  started in 1989 dissolved in 1991.


Thank you for posting this

Hi, Thank you for posting this and helping to reveal the truth about the Kurtz operations. Great site here. Bernadette

there is another page that can help you..

I may have found my lov.. now i'm just sitting back and waiting till he wants ta met us.. but until then and after we want to help as many people as we can find lost loved one's..Once I located my son's parent's I hope. I decided to keep this up so that it could become a data base where other people could put their information in just one more place, spreading their search globally. Then people started to come on board and help individuals search. One never knows where your lost loved will be in the end. it doesn't hurt to search in as many places as possible.our page is world wide.. we do have black market babies on here looking for their families.. In this group the search angels are NOT paid nor do they solicit for business. There are search angels here from the USA as well as other countries. The more that join the closer we all become. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this site please don't hesitate to contact me in a private message. this is our group and page on FB.. this story needs to be spread around as much as possible.. Mike a Adoptee and myself a birth mother have dedicated ourselves to reuniting as many families as we can hopefully..even when we have passed this page will live on.. threw our children and all the victims of easterhouse lie's..until every last adoptee and even our black market babies have been united again, and all the lies of seymour Kurtz have been undone.. some adoptees have medical issues that they need answers from their birth family. thank you for your time.. I do hope that you share this.. you may not know it but it will help more people then you can imagine even if only printed our shared our story on it 1 time. Thanks and come join us at

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