Hands accross the border

In a world where one hand giveth and the other taketh we can find websites like RainbowKids.com, which claims:

RainbowKids.com is an Adoption Advocacy Website. We are the largest, and oldest, online website helping people to adopt from multiple countries. We are also the largest photolisting website for waiting children. We offer, free of charge, guides on special needs adoption, How To Adopt, Getting Started, After you Adopt and much more. We have an enormous and constantly updated database of adoption articles, as well as an extensive resource area. We are not an adoption agency, nor do we directly place children into adoptive families. We are a voice of advocacy for the children waiting for families.

So concerned with helping children unfortunate to grow up in poor and destitude countries, their promotion follows:

RainbowKids.com was created and founded in May 1996 by Martha Osborne, with the purpose of advocating for families that wish to adopt, and children who need families. Martha is herself an adoptee, a wife and the mother of 5 children through the blessing of adoption. Since that time, RK has grown into the greatest on-line advocacy force for International children needing families. Supported by over 70 adoption agencies that share the vision of joining families together, RK is able to offer all information and resources free of charge, so that many more children will find their way home.  In 2006, RainbowKids expanded its child advocacy by opening 20 Special Needs Adoption Websites.   

On the other end of the spectrum, we can find websites like madeinusa.com, concerned with too much money going to poor countries and keeping it within America:

On July 4, 2004 madeinusa.com began providing people around the world with a simple, convenient way to locate 400,000 American manufacturers and their American-made products. The "Next American Revolution... Recycling American Dollars to Help Create and Save American JOBS".

Manufacturing jobs are critical to the economic security of our country. Manufacturing jobs are some of the highest paying jobs that often provide additional benefits like healthcare and retirement planning. Each manufacturing job creates 5-8 additional jobs that range from suppliers, accountants, technical support, distributors and retail personnel to sell the products, even all the way to the waitress that works in the restaurant where you take your family to dinner on Friday night.

When we lose a manufacturing job to offshore production, we lose all of the other jobs that were created also. We lose all of those American Dollars that are not being Recycled through our economy. Every Dollar counts and the person with the economic power to make a difference is YOU.

Be aware of what you buy and where it is made. "Where it's made does matter." Engage your friends and family, get them involved. As individuals each of us can make a difference, together we will start the "Next American Revolution... Recycling American Dollars to Help Create and Save American JOBS"

What a world of difference these two websites live in.

But wait a minute, let's check the organization between these two websites. First of all there is Marta Osborn who runs this blog, but she is not the registrant, that is Mediastar Online Services from Harvey Louisiana, the exact same company that is behind madeinusa.com.


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