About me

Informally placed with family members at nearly one year of age, I was officially adopted three years later. My adoptive parents had no children of their own, so while biologically having two siblings, I grew up an only child.

Over the last 25 years I have been working as a software engineer for various businesses in the Netherlands, and have been self-employed for the last three years.

Much of my spare time is spent volunteering for  PPL, writing posts, maintaining case information and updating the database of adoption agencies.

Animal within

I am a snake, operating by constriction. Once I have pulled a prey into my coils I squeeze all air out of it and a sudden death follows. I have to feed myself and I love the taste of flesh, but I am too aesthetically inclined to rip my prey apart.

I am very slippery, try to catch me and I am behind you within the blink of an eye. I have shed my skin so often you won't see any scars and every year I leave behind all that has hurt me and appear a fresh and new being. That way I appear pristine, while having been in the trenches, the mud, and the dirt.

I love to just lay around and observe. I know everything and everyone around. I know the daily routines of all other animals, the phases they go through, their quirky little behaviours and I adjust to that. I have got the flexibility no other animal has, so it is up to me to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

As a cold blooded animal I am cool, calm and collected, while living in a world dominated by mammals with their heat oppressed brains. Though I know I am the more archaic creature around I find these hectic furry beasts the more primitive kind.

I've got a twisted tongue. Don't believe much of what I say; I am just seeking the opposition most of the time. Next to every left there has to be right; for ever up there should be a down and it's within my nature to seek that balance.

Some of my kind just lay eggs and abandon their children as soon as possible, though some of my kind keep their eggs until they are almost ready to hatch. I am a male so I couldn't care less. Though I like the taste of other animal's eggs.

Videos I like

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