The list is out - the Hague accreditations of the US State Department

Friday 29 February 2008 the US state department published the agencies accredited or approved for the Hague.

Some of the agencies that didn't make the list are:

In short, the rogues gallery of Focus on Adoption (FOA) didn't make it!!!

Families thru International Adoption was accredited, their Latin American Program Manager, Chris Huber, being on FOA's board and Aleda Madison's, Madison Adoption Associates was granted an accreditation for one year. I wonder if this is going to be the end of FOA. These people have shown remarkable survival skills. ChildPromise (formerly known as Reaching Out Thru International Adoption) maintained office even after the Masha Allen case. It seems they didn't survive the accreditation process though, they closed shop two weeks ago.

Something else struck me when reading up the State Departments list: the presence of four for-profit entries. I don't know what it means for an organization to be approved instead of being accredited. Hopefully someone can fill me in on this.

Here is a list of some other interesting agencies missing from the list, it is far from complete, but contains several rogues not part of the FOA clan and several members of the Joint Council on International Children's Services. For the first time ever, I hope the links of this page will be dead real soon.


Tree of Life

Just a correction regarding Tree of Life's director.  It's no longer Aviva Cohen.  It's Bianca Marcu and Daniel Stinea.  Both Marcu & Stinea were on board TOL during the Peckenpaugh adoption.  And also the Thomspon adoption

re: Tree of Life

Thank you for the correction. I immediately edited the original post. About the Peckenpaugh case we have more here.

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I bow down to your relentless, unwavering devotion and dogged watch dog-ing!

How can we get this into the hands of people who want to adopt?

btw, I am so overwhelmed with how much I have to learn -
Could you provide us with an International Adoption 101?

I'm all ears...


US Outgoing adoptions

Have a look at the stars - accredited for incoming/OUTGOING adoptions. And the FOR PROFIT all handle OUTGOING adoptions too.

Goldstein, for example, is facilitating US children to the Netherlands.


Temporarily Accredited Adoption Service Providers (2 years)

**AAA Full Circle Adoptions & Family Building Center  
**A Act of Love/Alternative Options and Service  

**Child Adoption Associates **Voice for International Development and Adoption ("V.I.D.A.")

Approved Adoption Service Providers (For Profit)

  **International Adoption Guides, LLC
  *James Fletcher Thompson, LLC
  **Michael S. Goldstein, P.C


* Adoption Service Providers who handle Outgoing Cases Only

** Adoption Service Providers who handle Incoming/Outgoing Cases

What's the sense?

As long as profit and "allowances" are being made in the child-trade industry, why should anyone believe the Hague Convention has any importance or authority?

Am I missing something about the reason and purpose behind adoption and child placement services?

Importance and authority

If the Hague Treaty were founded in ethics, as you rightfully claim they should, they would have had importance and authority. Now it is a small organization that doesn't even have the resources to count the number of children that go to and from their member countries.

The Hague Treaty has no power and it has no soul. It obligatorily mentions the best interest of the child. but doesn't have the balls to really defend that. So in reality it is a set of rules agencies have to obide by, most of them bureaucratic in nature. So basically those agencies that are good with paper work pass the test. No ethics in that. It is just something that adds  to the overhead cost of an agency.

Like a typical diplomatic agreement, the Hague Treaty changes the landscape of the system, without actually touching the trade routes. It is influencial, but not important.

Without a soul, the Hague Treaty can never have the authority to bring down the market economy behind child placement. If it had a soul it would institute an authority to do so. Of course, when local authorities press charges against an adoption agency, its accreditation will temporarly be suspended and revoked when convicted, but it is powerless against those agencies that are good at playing by the book.

Where is that international authority that has the power to oversee that child placement is done in the intests of the child only? Why is the UN not taking up that positions on the grounds of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children? All countries have ratified the UNCRC, except the USA and Somalia, so their mandate would cover all but the trade between those two countries.

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