Amrex aftermath?

In 2006 Amrex, an adoption facilitator firm from Alpharetta Georgia went bankrupt. With their dedicated adoption software they delivered matching services for several adoption agencies, mostly operating in Russia and Guatemala.

The Amrex story is far too complicated to rehash in one short post, with a trail of companies such as Genesis Adoptions, Intercountry Adoption Congress, Hague Software Inc., Trans Parent Systems Inc., International Advocates for children. All these companies were founded by censored and Sergey Zasyatkin.

Amrex faced FBI investigation in 2006 and is now defunct as are all the aforementioned companies. censored is still around and CEO of censored, which owns In the mean time she operates under the name of censored, trying to establish a name as Creator of VISUAL PHILOSOPHY.

While surfing for more on Amrex and all it's affiliated companies, I came across Dmitriy Zasyatkin, who runs the company Software for Adoption Management (SAM), among whose customers we can find Christian World Adoptions, one of Amrex's former customers. SAM is located in Woodstock Georgia, only a couple of miles away from Alpharetta. Is Sergey Zasyatkin back under a different name, or is this all just coincidental?


I received an email from Dmitriy Zasyatkin which can be found in the following comment.


There's no business like ica business...

Summer 2007, there is no end to censored creativity and business mind:

V-06-329 1540 Monroe Dr. N. E.

Applicant, censored, seeks a special exception from zoning regulations to reduce the required off street

Parking requirement from 30 parking spaces on-site to 5 parking spaces on-site and to allow for additional parking

(25) spaces with 500' of the primary use to allow for the conversion of an existing office building to a nightclub.

An update from the source

I received the following email from Dmitiy Zasyatkin:

Dear Neils,

I just came across your article about the "Amrex aftermath?" while googling my name. I wanted to let you know that Sergey is my father but I have long since separated my ties with him and censored. My company is currently just myself and I have been working extremely hard to create an affordable adoption management database.

Could you please remove my name from this article? Thanks.

Best Regards,

Dmitriy and Sergey live together

We are not adoptive parents because Sergey/censored/AMREX/Genesis/JAIN/Beacon House adoption took our money ($40,000) and used it for anything but our adoption. We have talked/worked with the bankruptcy court and the FBI.

Sergey is using a PO Box for his bankruptcy correspondence, but it was confirmed by the bankruptcy court that Sergey IS LIVING with HIS son Dmitriy.  So HOW are his ties severed????  Especially when he runs his business out of his house in Woodstock, GA.

If he truly wanted to severe ties, then why is he still working within the adoption ring?

JAIN adopt doubts

Thank you for that information "watchdog".

I already had doubts about Dmitiy's comment, because of the following:

1540 Monroe Dr. NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Domain Name: censored
Created on: 18-Jan-06
Expires on: 18-Jan-17
Last Updated on:

Administrative Contact:
censored dmitriy@censored
1540 Monroe Dr. NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States

Technical Contact:
censored dmitriy@censored
1540 Monroe Dr. NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States



According to herself on this webpage censored AKA censored is owner of censored.

Contact request

Hi Watchdog,

Are you willing to tell some more about your story. First of all I believe these stories need to be told, so a larger and larger audience can become aware of the horrible practices that take place in the realm of child placement. On top of that I'm very interested in learning as much as possible about the AMREX case. I'm collecting for my personal files all information I can get about them, but with your comment I learned you know more about them, than I can find on the internet. If you don't want to share some of the information online please email me or send me a PM.


Looks like you discovered an international shell game here /there.

3 years later

Too bad we never learned the full extent of the operation. In 2006 FBI started an investigation into AMREX, but so far that investigation has not lead to any indictments. From what I heard, the Russian side of the operation has never been investigated, while large sums of money were being paid to Russian facilitators in the AMREX network.

Appartently the FBI did not have the funding to do the Russian leg of the investigation.

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