AFM ABBA Adoptions

Organization type: Adoption Agency
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Katinka PieterseDirector
Marita FerreiraEmployed by
Riekie van der BergFounder of1983-00-00
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AFM ABBA AdoptionsCooperates withLethabong Guesthouse,
AFM ABBA AdoptionsFacilitatesA New Arrival
AFM ABBA AdoptionsFacilitatesEvangelischer Verein für Adoptions- und Pflegekindervermittlung Rheinland e. V. (EVAP)
AFM ABBA AdoptionsFacilitatesWereldkinderen (N.I.C.W.O.)
AFM ABBA AdoptionsFacilitatesDanadopt (Danish Society for International child care)
AFM ABBA AdoptionsFacilitatesVerdens Barn - Children of the World
AFM ABBA AdoptionsFacilitatesFlanders Intercountry Adoption Care vzw (Interlandelijk Adoptiecentrum Vlaanderen)
AFM ABBA AdoptionsFacilitatesAdoptionscentrum
AFM ABBA AdoptionsFacilitatesInterpedia
AFM ABBA AdoptionsPart ofAFM Welfare Council 1996-00-00
AFM ABBA AdoptionsPart ofAFM Welfare Council 1996-00-00
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SA Cares for LifeFacilitatesAFM ABBA Adoptions
Door of HopeFacilitatesAFM ABBA Adoptions


818 Park Street, Arcadia
South Africa

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