and if it weren't enough

In two days it will be New Year's Eve, having barely recuperated from Christmas. For me New Year's Eve is the worst day of the year. It dwarfs Christmas in comparison. Every year all missed opportunities, failed achievements and utter stupidities of the past year come bombarding me. It's a day of sadness and decay while its outlook is the bleak month of January; the cold, barren winter time stretching out for at least another two and a half month.

This year i am going to ignore the event, preparing for it only makes me sadder. So I won't light fireworks, I won't go into town and feel lonely among partying people. I hate parties anyway.

I know the day after it will all feel different. The final hurdle of the year taken, January will all of a sudden look much better and much more real. If I can keep that in mind next two days I will be fine, if not I will have a bad day, which by itself is much less of a threat than it may sound.


Bad news

New Year's Eve was always the night of fights for me.  If not with my own brother, then later in life, I had boyfriends who would ditch me that night before the fun-festivities would begin.  Either way, my bruised ego over shadowed any falling globe coming down in Times Square.

"See ya, don't wanna be with ya" became a pattern that became deeply personal for this Pound-Pup.

Now that I have kids, I try to make food-festivals for their sake, and we spend the night watching "The Best of" shows.  The pressure to have a "first kiss" was always ridiculous to me, so lucky for me, my  young family likes to make loud noise at midnight, waking neighbors instead of looking to make kissy faces with anyone!

Pound Pup Legacy