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Gabriel Myers

2009 Apr 16


Kids in Distress http://poundpuplegacy.org/node/52055

7-year-old boy in foster care locked himself in a bathroom and hanged himself with a detachable shower head. He had been prescribed four psychiatric drugs, two or three of which he was taking at the time of his death.

Three of the psychotropic drugs carry U.S. Food and Drug Administration "black box" label warnings for children's safety, the strongest advisory the federal agency issues.


Title Publication date
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Autopsy proves foster child hanged himself; why is a mystery 2009 Oct 30
Report: Fla. boy may not have meant to kill self 2009 Oct 29
Myers Report Draws Anger, Action from Lawmakers 2009 Oct 8
Florida lawmakers pledge action on psychiatric drugs in foster care 2009 Oct 8
Foster care task force created after 7-year-old Margate boy killed himself wants changes 2009 Aug 21
State panel implicates foster care workers in South Florida 7-year-old's suicide 2009 Aug 21
Child-welfare panel: Drugs misused on foster kids 2009 Aug 12
Gabriel Meyers work group findings 2009 Aug 8
Officials working on better way to track foster kids' medical, court histories 2009 Jul 25
System faulted in boy's death in foster care 2009 Jul 7
DCF says its rules on children's drugs are often ignored 2009 Jul 7
Kids need care, not pills, ex-foster children tell panel 2009 Jun 19
Presentation 2009 Jun 10
Panel To Investigate Boy's Death In Foster Care 2009 Jun 7
Portrait of a child at risk 2009 Jun 5
Report focuses on Fla. foster kids' prescriptions 2009 May 28
Child welfare case shows oversight lax 2009 May 23
Report State of Florida Department of Children and Families 2009 May 20
TIMELINE 2009 May 20
Panel: Troubled suicidal boy, 7, needed a parent 2009 May 15
Number of foster children in Florida on mood-altering drugs underreported, state study finds 2009 May 14
Probe sought of doctor who prescribed drugs to 7-year-old who killed self 2009 May 12
DCF must do better 2009 May 12
Suicide of foster child, 7, prompts review of DCF drug policy 2009 May 9
Drug limits skirted for foster kids 2009 May 8
State probes apparent suicide of foster child, 7 2009 Apr 30
After 7-year-old's suicide, officials order look at drug use of other Florida foster children 2009 Apr 29
Child's death was anything but a suicide 2009 Apr 27
Behind Gabriel Myers' sweet smile lay a sad, scarred soul 2009 Apr 26
Broward County foster child had history of sexual behavior 2009 Apr 25
Answers needed in case of child's suicide 2009 Apr 24
State officials investigating whether 7-year-old suicide victim was given mind-altering drug 2009 Apr 24
7-year-old boy prescribed powerful drug before suicide 2009 Apr 22
Danger of foster system drug policy known before child's suicide 2009 Apr 22
Margate 7-year-old's sad journey began 10 months ago 2009 Apr 22
7-year-old who killed himself made death threats 2009 Apr 22
Broward child's suicide raises questions about medication 2009 Apr 21
Police investigate 7-year-old's hanging death 2009 Apr 17
Police: 7-year-old foster child dies after possible hanging in Margate home 2009 Apr 17


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