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post-placement monitoring



Title Publication date
China adoption agency furious over 'child exchange' report 2013 Sep 25
Activists call for tighter laws on adoption 2013 May 6
Adoption of Ukrainian children by foreigners: boon or bane? 2013 Mar 1
Foster parent fails to receive screenings; accused in brutal abuse 2013 Feb 23
Polygamous community resident says he's a fit foster parent 2013 Jan 21
Ohio rebukes agency's intern use 2012 Dec 6
Regulation of adoption services needed to ensure protection of children 2012 Nov 8
Report slams Wash. adoption system 2012 Oct 23
Abuse within foster families systemic, hurts 2012 Oct 13
Govt mulling to tighten post-adoption follow-up 2012 Oct 3
Family friends tell of concern before adopted Wilson girl died 2011 Dec 1
Promoting ethics for child adoption in Nagaland stressed 2011 Sep 23
Doctors abused adopted children 2011 Jul 21
Russia, US agree on safe adoption rules 2011 Jul 14
Foster care deficiencies highlighted 2011 Jun 10
Charity highlights 'gaps' in Ofsted adoption inspections 2011 Jun 9
Allegations of Child Abuse Spur Questions of Adopted Services Oversight 2011 May 19
Half a life: Abandoned, adopted, abandoned 2011 Jan 30
Stricter norms for domestic, international adoption 2010 Dec 30
Documents 'fudged' because of concerns about Russian response 2010 Aug 22
10 Things Adoption Agencies Won't Say 2009 Oct 19
Liberia: What happens to the Child When Adoption Fails? 2009 Aug 17
List of agencies with missing Russian post placement reports 2009 Jan 25
Adoption Subsidies Get Little Oversight 2008 Oct 9
Russia Roundtable Meeting Notes 2005 Aug 24
Lapses Seen in Monitoring Bronx Girls in Foster Care 1992 Feb 20