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child welfare



Title Publication date
Why temporary suspension of child adoption-Minister 2013 Mar 24
Ban hurts Russian kids, but U.S. adoption not a fix 2013 Mar 2
States don't often share child-abuse records. And sometimes kids like Jeanette Maples die. 2012 Oct 27
Adoption Subsidies: A Great Investment for Kids Who Need Families 2012 Sep 25
Parents deported, what happens to US-born kids? 2012 Aug 27
The revolving doors of family court: confronting broken adoptios 2012 Jun 27
States change how they recruit foster parents 2011 Dec 31
Pacific discussion on child abuse vs child discipline 2011 Dec 9
Lesbian Foster Parents Publish Photos of Boy Dressed as Girl, Child Agency Under Fire 2011 Sep 13
Adoption as trafficking ploy 2011 Aug 17
Is adoption 'social engineering'? I'll answer that question – no 2011 Jul 6
WikiLeaks: Foster Care Children in Ireland Used as Sex Slaves 2011 Jun 15
Adoptions by same-sex couples more than doubles in last decade, despite legal obstacles 2011 Jun 14
State left girl's dad out of loop 2011 Jun 13
Foster care deficiencies highlighted 2011 Jun 10
Baby broker appears in court 2011 Jun 1
R400 to buy a baby 2011 Apr 3
States' use of foster kids' benefits is assailed 2011 Mar 16
Christian foster couple lose 'homosexuality views' case 2011 Feb 28
Colorado appeals court allows abused siblings to sue social workers 2011 Jan 6
Foster care agencies, DCF battle over injuries 2010 May 28
The Best Thing About Orphanages 2010 Jan 15
With Child-abuse Deaths Up, Children’s Advocates Call for Federal Prevention Funding 2009 Oct 22
Couple fight council to keep baby 2009 Oct 19
Is privatization good for foster kids? 2009 Oct 12
State studies abuse, safety of children in foster care 2009 Sep 21
DCF Report rips way kids get meds 2009 Aug 17
'In the best interest of the child' 2009 Aug 9
Advocates question whether foster kids should be placed close to home 2009 Aug 9
B.C.'s child watchdog says injured baby should never have been in care: advocate 2009 Jul 29
Funds to be cut from bodies that fail to report child abuse 2009 Jul 28
Florida Shifts Child-Welfare System’s Focus to Saving Families 2009 Jul 25
Child Welfare League of America, Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute Announce Partnership 2009 Jul 8
System faulted in boy's death in foster care 2009 Jul 7
Canadian native kids at risk of U.S. adoption: Sto:lo advocate 2009 Jun 25
Baltimore foster care case nears end 2009 Jun 24
Toddler's legacy is review of Missouri's foster care system 2009 Jun 24
Could the death of Santa Maria 3-year-old in foster care have been prevented? 2009 Jun 12
Alberta court clears way for foster-care lawsuit 2009 May 17
'Send problem children to boarding schools' 2009 May 5
Judge rejects Madonna's adoption efforts in Malawi 2009 Apr 3
Domestic vs. International Adoption: Are Celebrities Overlooking American Children? 2009 Apr 2
Some parents without Madonna's cash must put adoption dreams on hold during recession 2009 Mar 31
Foster care agency faulted for turning in immigrants 2009 Mar 27
Girl's Cries For Help 'Fell on Deaf Ears' 2009 Mar 9
10-year-old's dark side frightens mother 2009 Mar 8
Economic distress drives parents to desperate measures 2009 Mar 4
Holistic Approach Needed to Foster Care, Experts Say 2009 Feb 27
Foster care payments used to feed pokies 2009 Feb 27
Report: Michigan relies too much on foster care 2009 Feb 18
Bias alleged in state foster care 2009 Jan 20
Study looks at how mental health care affects outcomes for foster children 2009 Jan 13
Child Protection Bill to be tabled in NA soon 2009 Jan 4
State 'not ready' for child sex reporting 2009 Jan 2
Public vs. Private Healthcare 2009 Jan 2
Foster care lawsuit ends after 15 years 2008 Dec 31
Family justice: the secret state that steals our children 2008 Dec 28
Abuse Cannot Be Tollerated 2008 Dec 27
Many abused kids die while on govt. watch 2008 Dec 22
Indian Child Welfare Act, Florida, and Coerced Adoptions 2008 Dec 18
The problem with saving the world's 'orphans' 2008 Dec 11
Foster mother charged with killing boy, abusing girl 2008 Nov 29
Nebraska tightens 'safe haven' age limit 2008 Nov 21
Former judge fails to meet children in preparing care report 2008 Nov 21
Rewiring The Brain -- Early deprivation and child development 2008 Nov 17
Department admits it's in the dark on foster homes 2008 Nov 11
1950s-model foster care doesn't work 2008 Oct 23
Foster care group stripped of funds 2008 Sep 8
4 charged with NYC child welfare thefts 2008 Jul 16
Historical Overview of Adoption 2008 May 18
Prevention Pays: The Costs of Not Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect 2008 Apr 10
Workers to keep volunteer services 2007 May 29
The dark-side of state negligence and it's disturbing consequences 2006 Dec 1
Great news from Maine
History of Adoption
Innocent but presumed guilty - the first article
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to Examine Race in Foster Care and Adoption