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Title Publication date
Failed adoptions traumatic 2014 Sep 7
Where's the post-adoption support for traumatised children? 2013 Jun 24
Grandma's Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes 2013 Jun 11
Specific Changes in Brain Structure After Different Forms of Child Abuse 2013 Jun 1
Adoption USA 2013 Jan 28
Adoption: From an Option to a Mandate 2013 Jan 15
Childhood trauma leaves mark on DNA of some victims 2012 Dec 2
Changed landscape of overseas adoptions 2012 Sep 11
It takes more than love: What happens when adoption fails 2012 Aug 1
Adoption and Parenticide: Seeking Truth and Justice 2012 Jul 24
Tender Young Brains 2012 Jan 18
Twice-abandoned triplets know Russian boy's pain 2011 Dec 4
How to care for the traumatized child 2011 Sep 20
A Q&A with William Ingaldson, Counsel for the ‘Hot Sauce’ Mom 2011 Aug 23
PTSD – A Debilitating Mental Condition 2011 Apr 4
Optimum Learning Environments for Traumatized Children: How Abused Children Learn Best in School 2010 Oct 30
Trauma’s Impact on Learning and Behavior: A Case for Interventions in Schools 2010 Jul 26
The Effects of Trauma on Schools and Learning 2010 Jul 26
Social workers said because I was a soldier, I was more likely to be violent to my own children 2009 Apr 4
'She didn't look like this when she went into foster care' 2009 Mar 22
Child abuse permanently modifies stress genes in brains of suicide victims 2009 Feb 22
Controversy trails 'attachment' therapist who runs Chesapeake center 2008 Jul 6
Animal Hoarding: The Crazy Cat-Lady Explained 2008 Mar 18
Infant/Child Response to Grief 2007 Aug 5
What is the Primal Wound?
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