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unwed mothers



Title Publication date
Mass grave of up to 800 dead babies exposed in County Galway 2014 May 26
Change in Korean Adoption Law Followed by More Abandoned Babies 2013 Oct 7
International adoption vs. women's rights 2013 Sep 9
Meet the New Anti-Adoption Movement The surprising next frontier in reproductive justice 2013 Sep 1
Calls for probe into forced adoptions 2013 Mar 23
Children's identities were erased 2012 Dec 20
Secrets and lies in the histories of overseas babies 2012 Nov 26
Exploring cross-border adoptions 2012 Oct 17
United Church of Canada to hold mirror to its role in forced adoptions as families push for national inquiry 2012 Oct 9
NSW apologises for forced adoptions 2012 Sep 20
Vic to say sorry for forced adoptions 2012 Aug 16
Despite Progress, Forced-Adoption Practices Persist Throughout the United States 2012 May 15
Your baby is dead: Mothers say their supposedly stillborn babies were stolen from them 2012 Mar 24
'Our babies were abducted' on the delivery table: North Vancouver woman 2012 Mar 16
Curtain lifts on decades of forced adoptions for unwed mothers in Canada 2012 Mar 10
Families fight to find children stolen as infants in Spain 2011 Dec 16
300,000 babies stolen from their parents - and sold for adoption: Haunting BBC documentary exposes 50-year scandal 2011 Oct 16
Catholic Church says sorry to mothers 2011 Jul 27
N.J. birth moms divided on bill that would open up adoption records 2011 May 15
Babies are not the only children worth adopting 2011 Apr 25
Rights of children key issue in applying best practice to inter-country adoption 2011 Apr 18
Bhasin used kids to make money: CBI 2011 Mar 10
Organization Helps Korea’s Single Moms 2011 Feb 11
Pain of adoption still raw, for mothers and children 2010 Oct 18
Adoption racket? Karnataka hospitals 'selling' babies 2010 May 17
Rethinking Consent to Adoption 2009 Dec 31
A fight to change adoption law 2009 Nov 13
A generation fights to reform adoption laws 2009 Nov 10
Out-of-wedlock births show huge east-west German divide 2009 Oct 23
Group Resists Korean Stigma for Unwed Mothers 2009 Oct 7
Holdren: Seize babies born to unwed women 2009 Sep 30
Obama's 'Science Czar' co-authored book promoting forced abortion and sterilization 2009 Jul 13
Dead Baby Scam 2009 Apr 21
Last days of adoption? 2009 Apr 12
Adoption seekers using YouTube, Facebook to find birth moms 2009 Mar 10
All-around support: Group encourages people touched by adoption 2009 Mar 4
A German in search of his Indian mother 2009 Jan 10
Mom gets $6,500 in adoption suit 2009 Jan 9
The horrors of the workhouse 2008 Nov 26
Bastardy and Baby Farms 2008 May 30
Adoption: It's not what it used to be 2007 May 7
The Magdalene Laundry 2003 Aug 3
Nigeria 'baby farm' girls rescued by Abia state police 2001 Jun 1
Illegitimate Complaints 1999 May 20
How an adoped child benefits its new father and mother 1916 Feb 20
Butterbox Babies 1898 Jan 11
Saints or sinners? You decide.
Setting the Record Straight
Adoptees dress up to raise awareness