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Title Publication date
Apology 'owed' for forced adoptions 2012 Mar 1
TRUE CONCERN 2011 Jun 21
“Human rights start with children’s rights” 2011 May 30
UN: Vatican child rights report 13 years overdue 2010 Jul 15
Australians caught in Ethiopian adoption nightmare 2010 Mar 16
Bruce Arnold: Church and State colluded in this abuse-ridden society 2010 Mar 6
Tragedy Exploited: A Sad History Repeating Itself in Haiti 2010 Jan 21
The sky falls in on China? 2010 Jan 8
Overseas adoptions halted 2009 Dec 27
Holdout senator rejects abortion compromise 2009 Dec 17
Guatemala pushes for DNA tests of kids adopted in U.S. 2009 Dec 8
Book tells story of Home Children 2009 Dec 2
Most 'orphans' have a living parent, says charity 2009 Nov 24
Ordeal of Australia's child migrants 2009 Nov 15
Britain, Australia saying sorry to child migrants 2009 Nov 15
A generation fights to reform adoption laws 2009 Nov 10
Dictator's wife defiant over forced adoptions 2009 Nov 10
Parents losing children in 'loaded system' 2009 Nov 9
Anger grows over adoption scam 2009 Nov 4
Chinese officials try to find parents of 60 lost children 2009 Oct 29
France's lost children fight back 2009 Oct 17
New lives for Bulgaria's abandoned children 2009 Oct 15
Burned by a baby broker 2009 Oct 14
Adoption treaty sets up double standard in U.S. 2009 Oct 14
A simple answer to Quebec's simple adoption question 2009 Oct 13
Faith moves families to adopt children from overseas 2009 Oct 11
Adoption system is UK's shameful secret 2009 Oct 10
Abuses Against Children Persist Despite Rights Convention 2009 Oct 8
Heading to India for a Longed-For Child 2009 Oct 7
Group Resists Korean Stigma for Unwed Mothers 2009 Oct 7
Farm of fear 2009 Oct 2
Holdren: Seize babies born to unwed women 2009 Sep 30
UK to 'apologise' to 'Orphans of Empire’ 2009 Sep 30
Lid lifts on the anguish of China's stolen generation 2009 Sep 26
China’s adoption system worries Canadian mom 2009 Sep 25
Adoption body chief offers to help process Vietnamese cases 2009 Sep 24
Guatemalan Army Admits to Trafficking Kids for Adoption 2009 Sep 21
Some Chinese parents say their babies were stolen for adoption 2009 Sep 19
It takes more than money to protect our children 2009 Sep 19
Australian state apologises for child abuse 2009 Sep 19
Duchess of York may face police quiz over undercover TV documentary highlighting 'plight' of Turkish orphans 2009 Sep 16
HHS Awards $35 Million to States for Increasing Adoptions 2009 Sep 14
Charity urges caution over Elton John 'adoption plan' 2009 Sep 14
The rights of test tube babies 2009 Sep 8
'Stop trying to fix families we can't fix': Barnardo's head's 'heretic' call for bad parents to lose their children 2009 Sep 7
Bindoon Boys Town: The sad truth behind Britain's lost children 2009 Sep 6
Charity welcomes migrant apology 2009 Sep 2
UNICEF: Philippines is a country with worst child trafficking condition 2009 Sep 2
Child trafficking on the rise in 7 Asian countries 2009 Sep 1
When the biological clock runs out 2009 Sep 1
Australia to apologise for child abuse under state care 2009 Aug 30
The lost children of Franco-era Spain 2009 Aug 25
UK 'abandons trafficked children' 2009 Aug 14
Archbishop told abuse victim to 'go to hell': report 2009 Aug 11
B.C.'s child watchdog says injured baby should never have been in care: advocate 2009 Jul 29
Children's groups hail protection plan 2009 Jul 29
Funds to be cut from bodies that fail to report child abuse 2009 Jul 28
Wartime orphans of shame unite 2009 Jul 19
Adoption scandal sheds light on orphanages' struggle 2009 Jul 14
Obama's 'Science Czar' co-authored book promoting forced abortion and sterilization 2009 Jul 13
Plan to fast-track social workers 2009 Jul 9
Nazi slaves of the haciendas: Hitler fanatics forced orphans to build new Fatherland in Amazon 2009 Jun 27
Manitoba may open adoption records as far back as 1925 2009 Jun 14
Get tough on home tuition to weed out abuse, says review 2009 Jun 5
Alberta court clears way for foster-care lawsuit 2009 May 17
'Major failings' at abuse school 2009 May 11
Adoption and fostering by gay couples to become easier in Scotland 2009 Apr 22
State failing to protect children in care, MPs say 2009 Apr 20
Children in care: how Britain is failing its most vulnerable 2009 Apr 20
Children left in misery because state care is so poor 2009 Apr 20
Spare some change for our new billboard? 2009 Apr 7
Iraqi babies for sale: people trafficking crisis grows as gangs exploit poor families and corrupt system 2009 Apr 6
Victims of scam will visit Western Samoa in summer 2009 Apr 6
Crisis In Trafficking Iraqi Children Grows 2009 Apr 6
A desperation for sons ... even someone else's CHINA: Age-old gender biases feed 2009 Apr 5
High-flying diplomat's China girl 2009 Mar 29
Is foreign adoption the best option? 2009 Mar 27
More children in care go missing 2009 Mar 27
People traffickers profiting from pain 2009 Mar 22
Child safety sham puts lives at risk 2009 Mar 22
Manitoba government looking into adoption concerns 2009 Mar 20
Report uncovers child trafficking 2009 Mar 18
The continuing foster care fiasco 2009 Mar 16
International adoptions by Americans get really tough 2009 Mar 15
Child protection facing criticism 2009 Mar 12
Eastern Europe: Human trafficking “set to rise” 2009 Mar 12
Life in the orphanage 2009 Mar 11
'Excessive secrecy' over deaths of children in care 2009 Mar 9
BC foster care in crisis, report and social workers agree 2009 Mar 8
Row on asylum children detention 2009 Mar 8
Irish bishop in child sex abuse row steps aside 2009 Mar 7
SA abuse victims push for compensation 2009 Mar 7
Clinton intervenes in US-Brazil custody case 2009 Mar 4
Council was warned 'children would die' 2009 Mar 4
Pedophiles find Ukraine a good place to roam 2009 Mar 4
Families Search for Truth of Spain’s ‘Lost Children’ 2009 Feb 28
At a glance: Possible CPS measures in Legislature 2009 Feb 26
Child neglect 'going unreported' 2009 Feb 25
Charities are ready to help swamped DOCS 2009 Feb 25
Child Trafficking: When The Solution Becomes A Part Of The Problem 2009 Feb 15
Child Migration: An Overview and Timeline 2009 Jan 29
Government adopts inter-country adoption standards 2009 Jan 23
US Schools Here Blind to Adoption Abuse Cases 2009 Jan 20
U.S. urges Russia to sign adoption treaty 2009 Jan 11
A German in search of his Indian mother 2009 Jan 10
Child Protection Bill to be tabled in NA soon 2009 Jan 4
Public vs. Private Healthcare 2009 Jan 2
Nigeria: Country Leads in Child Labour 2009 Jan 1
Many abused kids die while on govt. watch 2008 Dec 22
Greece: Government Failing Migrant Children 2008 Dec 22
Nigeria 'child witch killer' held 2008 Dec 4
Legacy of Canada's residential schools 2008 Jun 11
'They wanted to brainwash us' 2008 Jun 11
Cash prize for council that hit adoption targets 2008 Apr 14
Make greater use of charities for adoptions, councils urged 2008 Mar 31
Facing up to Canada's dark history 2008 Feb 11
Mounties to prepare residential school probe 2008 Jan 1
Children of the Great War 2007 Nov 9
Living hell of Norway's 'Nazi' children 2007 Mar 8
Germany's war children scramble to find their GI fathers 2006 Mar 26
Abuse survivors attack 'whitewash' 2004 Feb 4
Bitter legacy of separation 2002 May 17
Sexual abuse by Catholic clergy 2002 Mar 26
The Lost Children 2002 Feb 3
The Lost Children 2002 Feb 3
Australian church apologies to child migrants 2001 Mar 22
Children in care: Now and then 2000 Feb 15
Canadian Prelate Quits In Clerics' Sex Scandal 1990 Jul 20
The Catholic church sold my child 1952 Jul 5
Illegal Adoption now legalised by Dutch Ministry ?
Courts won't reveal rulings in adoption cases