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Title Publication date
State left girl's dad out of loop 2011 Jun 13
Dr. Charles Smith: The man behind the public inquiry 2009 Dec 2
HC rejects plea to probe adoption agency 2009 Nov 5
Trend needs to be reversed says BAAF 2009 Oct 15
Church Loses Fight Over Sealed Papers 2009 Oct 6
German couple granted adoption of Namibian Child 2009 Sep 24
Texas Single Dad Stops Adoption; May Get Custody of his Son 2009 Sep 24
Jersey carer convicted of sex attacks in Haut de la Garenne 2009 Aug 20
Advocate seeks to revive R.I. foster-care lawsuit 2009 Aug 11
'In the best interest of the child' 2009 Aug 9
Egg scandal: Doctor uses son's adoption as line of defense 2009 Jul 27
Child snatched in RSPCA raid must be given up for adoption, rules judge 2009 Jul 9
Baltimore foster care case nears end 2009 Jun 24
Alberta court clears way for foster-care lawsuit 2009 May 17
Foster system is destroying children 2009 May 11
Mercy James' dad lashes out to stop star adopting his child 2009 Apr 30
Madonna appeals against Malawi adoption ruling 2009 Apr 21
Senator arrested over data breach 2009 Apr 6
Judge rejects Madonna's adoption efforts in Malawi 2009 Apr 3
£5m claim over 'sex abuse by priest' 2009 Mar 24
New York Child Sexual Abuse Law Could Allow More Adult Victims to File Lawsuits 2009 Mar 12
10-year-old's dark side frightens mother 2009 Mar 8
SA abuse victims push for compensation 2009 Mar 7
Clinton intervenes in US-Brazil custody case 2009 Mar 4
Dad fights for son taken to Brazil 2009 Mar 4
Foster care payments used to feed pokies 2009 Feb 27
Judge has mercy on Samoan adoption scam defendants; no prison time 2009 Feb 25
The ethics of keeping a child from its parents 2009 Feb 16
Unfortunate Son, and an Aborted Adoption 2009 Feb 10
More to claim in child abuse case 2009 Feb 3
Neb. Court to Decide on Foster Care Inspections 2009 Feb 1
Groups file amicus brief in adoption case 2009 Jan 22
Birth parents' battle: Custody dispute is costly in money and emotion 2009 Jan 16
A German in search of his Indian mother 2009 Jan 10
Judge orders probe into Franco-era missing children 2009 Jan 10
Mom gets $6,500 in adoption suit 2009 Jan 9
Appeals Court Ends Adoption Battle 2008 Dec 29
Family justice: the secret state that steals our children 2008 Dec 28
Belgian 'internet baby' sent 2008 Dec 23
Mom who took son to Nebraska in court today 2008 Dec 12
Adoption Agency Owner Trial Goes To Jury 2008 Dec 10
Plea may not cost Oklahoma DHS worker’s job 2008 Dec 9
Albania: Briton jailed 20 years for child abuse 2008 Nov 19
Gay couple left free to abuse boys - because social workers feared being branded homophobic 2007 Sep 5
The Effects of a False Allegation of Child Sexual Abuse on an Intact Middle Class Family 2007 Mar 21
Multimillionaire pedophile sought known haven 2003 May 12
Barnardo's faces Canada action 2002 Jun 19
Briton held in 'orphan abuse' case 2001 Sep 4