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Title Publication date
Grandma's Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes 2013 Jun 11
Childhood trauma leaves mark on DNA of some victims 2012 Dec 2
Changed landscape of overseas adoptions 2012 Sep 11
Adoption law revision draws fire 2012 Mar 18
Tender Young Brains 2012 Jan 18
Orphaned children exhibit genetic changes that require nurturing parents 2011 Dec 5
Keeping Them Safe 2009 May 12
Neonatal maternal separation alters stress-induced responses to viscerosomatic nociceptive stimuli in rat 2009 Apr 9
Children of Incarcerated Parents: Helping The Silent Victims 2009 Mar 21
Florida RNs Watch For Signs of Economy-Related Child Abuse 2009 Mar 9
Child abuse permanently modifies stress genes in brains of suicide victims 2009 Feb 22
For mother and child at risk, care that includes a psychologist 2009 Feb 16
How to Protect Your Child's Mental Health 2009 Feb 13
Childhood stress affect health years later, UW study says 2009 Jan 26
Reactive Attachment Disorder: A New Understanding 2008 Oct 28
Foster Mom Loses Custody of Own Son 2008 Sep 9
Living in Limbo: The Non-Divorce 2008 May 21
Think worrying is just for adults? Think again! 2007 Nov 17
Infant/Child Response to Grief 2007 Aug 5
Can the term "adoption" cause depression in a mother & her baby? 2007 Jul 13
Parental Alienation 2007 Apr 17
Stress in pregnancy hits offspring's emotional brain 2006 Jul 12
Neonatal maternal separation predisposes adult rats to colonic barrier dysfunction in response to mild stress 2002 Aug 28
Bitter legacy of separation 2002 May 17
superficially normal
Child Abuse and Neglect and the Brain: A Review