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parental rights



Title Publication date
Our adoption policies have harmed families and children 2022 Nov 18
New Anti-Choice Strategy: Make it Super Easy to Adopt Children, Ignore Consequences 2013 Oct 9
Utah adoption horror story: New questions as legal fight continues 2012 Dec 5
Judge Orders Adopted Baby Returned to Father, Couple Plans to Appeal Ruling 2012 Dec 4
Parents deported, what happens to US-born kids? 2012 Aug 27
Father loses bid to overturn his daughter’s adoption because he did not file paperwork on time 2011 Jul 20
State left girl's dad out of loop 2011 Jun 13
Chinese Children Born Outside One-Child Policy Trafficked Abroad 2011 Jun 1
SC Hopes New Father Registry Could Speed Adoptions 2010 Jan 3
Texas Single Dad Stops Adoption; May Get Custody of his Son 2009 Sep 24
'In the best interest of the child' 2009 Aug 9
Children's Aid Society workers should be reined in, critics say 2009 Jun 12
Teenage mother stages protest after son is given for adoption 2009 Jun 6
Mother ‘too stupid’ to keep child 2009 May 31
Eight years after law is passed, experts can't agree whether it saves unwanted babies 2009 May 4
Children of Incarcerated Parents: Helping The Silent Victims 2009 Mar 21
Dad fights for son taken to Brazil 2009 Mar 4
Woman Charged With Buying Baby 2009 Feb 21
Groups file amicus brief in adoption case 2009 Jan 22
Birth parents' battle: Custody dispute is costly in money and emotion 2009 Jan 16
Mom gets $6,500 in adoption suit 2009 Jan 9
Appeals Court Ends Adoption Battle 2008 Dec 29
Coerced Adoption Should Concern Parents 2008 Dec 19
Indian Child Welfare Act, Florida, and Coerced Adoptions 2008 Dec 18
Mom who took son to Nebraska in court today 2008 Dec 12
Where is Gay Adoption Legal? 2008 Nov 5
For the Love of Anna Mae 2008 Oct 12
Staten Island dad faces deadline in fight for daughter given up at birth 2008 Aug 29
Adoption Age Requirements 2008 Jul 30
Mothers Rocking the Prison Cradle 2008 Jun 28
Parents need to know about Megan's Law 2007 Jun 7
International Adoptions: A New Route For Gays 1998 Jan 1
Supreme Court Weighs Parental Rights Abuses by Social Workers, Police
The tragic story of a 5-year-old girl, taken from a mother who never abused her
Standing up to Injustice: Shorstein Class Action Lawsuit
Setting the Record Straight
Focusing on Children: Providing Counsel to Children in Expedited Proceedings to Terminate Parental Rights
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