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adoption reform



Title Publication date
Adoption disruptions a secretive, misunderstood trend 2014 Sep 9
Failed adoptions stir outrage; reforms are elusive 2013 Oct 6
Meet the New Anti-Adoption Movement The surprising next frontier in reproductive justice 2013 Sep 1
Adoption drive could 'distract' from helping needy children, care inquiry finds 2013 May 1
Why temporary suspension of child adoption-Minister 2013 Mar 24
Institutions urged to support children homes 2013 Mar 24
The adoption business in Nepal 2011 Oct 5
Catching up with 'Baby Tamia' 2011 Apr 9
After Baby Tamia case, Illinois Adoption Reform Act shut down shady operators 2011 Apr 3
PEAR statement regarding Families for Orphans Act of 2009 2009 Aug 12
Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform statement about Foreign Adopted Children Equality Act 2009 Aug 12
Adoption waiting lists to be cut with revamped system 2009 Jul 27
PEAR’s Open Records Statement 2009 Apr 21
PEAR Board 2009 Apr 21
Federal judge says Samoan adoption defendants don't need prison 2009 Feb 27
Judge has mercy on Samoan adoption scam defendants; no prison time 2009 Feb 25
Samoan adoption scandal fuels call for reform 2009 Feb 16
Adoption scandal has prompted only minor changes 2009 Feb 14
Adoption scandal has prompted only minor changes 2009 Feb 14
Civil racketeering lawsuit filed against adoption 'facilitator' in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt 2008 Oct 20
PEAR incoporation documents 2008 Mar 14
UAI standpunt in zake Netwerk uitzending van 11 maart 2008 2008 Mar 11
Effects of Institutional Care 2008 Mar 7
Little unknown secrets about some adoption practices 2007 May 19
Illegitimate Complaints 1999 May 20
Adopting Awareness, Protecting Families
PEAR Ethics Alert - China Special Needs Programs
When children pay for the sins of adults
Adoption-records advocates to protest in Phila.