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Title Publication date
Hospitals plan organization to arrange adoptions 2013 Sep 8
Searching For My Daughter, A Human Trafficking Tale 2013 Sep 3
Man at center of 1964 kidnap mixup finds clues to his identity 2013 Aug 8
Report: Baby trade in Philippine hospitals 2013 Jan 9
Egypt police bust trafficking ring selling babies for $550 each 2012 Nov 11
NSW apologises for forced adoptions 2012 Sep 20
Cops nab hospital nurse, 4 others for child trafficking 2012 Aug 23
Vic to say sorry for forced adoptions 2012 Aug 16
Apology 'owed' for forced adoptions 2012 Mar 1
Spain Confronts Decades of Pain Over Lost Babies 2011 Jul 6
The woman who sold children 2011 Jun 9
Med college flouted adoption rules: Govt 2011 Apr 30
Hundreds of Spanish babies 'stolen from clinics and sold for adoption' 2011 Jan 27
Spain seeks truth on baby-trafficking claims 2011 Jan 27
Abducted Baby Reunited With Parents 23 Years Later 2011 Jan 20
Hole that swallows babies - how kids are spirited away 2010 Oct 31
Babies for sale 2010 Oct 30
Adoption racket? Karnataka hospitals 'selling' babies 2010 May 17
My hospital stole my baby 2010 Apr 16
Hospitals, health centers alerted of baby abduction 2010 Jan 12
Two arrested in Vietnam for baby trafficking: report 2009 Nov 9
Mother's search for baby exposes clinic kidnap ring 2009 Nov 6
Bulgaria arrests 'baby smugglers' 2009 Oct 22
Big Pharma To Profit From Health Care Reform 2009 Oct 19
Plymouth woman finds child she didn't know she lost 38 years ago 2009 Sep 18
'Social workers took away my twins after I'd joked that birth spoilt my body' 2009 Jun 20
Surgeon 'may have abused hundreds' 2009 Jun 15
Thousands Of Children Stolen From Early Jewish Immigrants To Israel 2009 Apr 19
Human Experimentation: Before the Nazi Era and After 2009 Mar 13
Irish bishop in child sex abuse row steps aside 2009 Mar 7
Paedophile gained child nurse job 2009 Mar 2
Hospitals fail to do routine checks on injured children despite Baby P 2009 Feb 19
For mother and child at risk, care that includes a psychologist 2009 Feb 16
Social workers who snatched four-day-old baby put her up for adoption over unproven abuse claim 2009 Feb 14
Tajik women who buy and sell babies 2009 Jan 28
A pregnant pause 2009 Jan 11
Public vs. Private Healthcare 2009 Jan 2
Newborn baby sold by doctor recovered 2009 Jan 2
Baby trade booms at hospitals 2006 Feb 19
Nigeria 'baby farm' girls rescued by Abia state police 2001 Jun 1
They took my baby boy 1965 Feb 3